Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TENS, Electricity

This was saved for last because we don't know the repercussions and I wanted time to recuperate.  I would like you to use the electricity/TENS on me.  Maybe we can find an anal probe, or see how they use it on a cock and nipples.  I will leave it up to you if you'd like to try the same thing that day or save it for another day.  This will be our last official day of Fetish Sexuary, so along with the electric you have free reign for ANYTHING you'd like to try on me. 

So Jackie has this TENS unit from when she hurt her shoulder years ago.  We've kept it around, lost it, found it, lost part of it, found it, lost it, found get the drift.  But I know that electricity can be a huge turn on for some, and very orgasmic for others.

Being a bit of a country boy I know that to get the seed from a bull, you stick an anal probe in and turn it on, and seaman will come flowing out.  I'd never seen it done on a guy before Sexuary, So wasn't sure how it would work.  But we were willing to try it.

We even watched a couple of videos where a guy came using a TENS unit and a girl went orgasmic with one.  They were pretty hot and Jackie and I had a great round of sex after watching those videos.  

So we break out the unit and Jackie decides to go first.  Now anyone who knows Jackie knows she's not the overly adventurous type and it really surprised me she went first.  So we put 1 set of pads on her and started it up.  At first there wasn't much you could tell or see.  She could feel it, but it wasn't all there.  So we put a second set of pads on, further south, and bingo she started to vibrate a bit more.  I could see her clit start to appear and her lips were definitely swelling.

She played with the controls till she got where she wanted and then closed her eyes and let it flow.  I could see her react much the same as if I had her favorite vibrator on and was waiting for her to gush any second.

When she'd shuttered enough she cut the controls and just tried to catch her breath.  I reached in and she was definitely wet.  Not drenched as she can get but wet.  She said it was not the most monumental but definitely orgasmed a couple of times.

Then was my turn.  We started with one set of pads and turned it on.  At first I didn't think it was working, then I hit level 4....5....6...7...OMG every time I went up a level it was like someone squeezed the head of my cock a bit tighter.  But it wasn't going to make me cum.  So we added a second set of pads.  I could barely feel them even though I was all the way up to max on those (60) and about a 30 on the one attached to my head.  But still no real, going over the top sensation.

So Jackie moved the pads around.  This time I was feeling it all over.  From the bottom of my sac to the top of my cock I could feel it vibrating.  It pretty quickly took me to the edge.  That feeling you get right before you cum.  I had both controls at max setting of 60.  It was right there....I waited...I could feel the was sooooooooooo close.........but after a few minutes it just wasn't going to cum.

We finished me off quickly.  I'll try it again.  It wasn't painful at all.  It was uncomfortable at times, and I'm sitting here tingling still an hour later, so not sure how long that will last.  I enjoyed watching Jackie get off and liked the feeling, just couldn't get that release I needed with it.

Today was day 28 for us.  Jackie has to leave at 5:30 in the morning for some training so we started 1/31 instead so we could get our 28 days in.  I'll follow up with another post on a wrap up.  Additionally we'll be going back and trying the fetishes we had to forgo for one reason or another and we'll post our adventures there.  So while Sexuary is officially over with for us (ok, we still have pillow talk tonight but the sex is over unless Jackie is going to be overly generous and surprise me), we'll be updating our blog here and there as we live out Sexuary in our day to day lives.  Follow along.  Leave us a comment.  Tell us if there was something you tried because we brought it up.  Tell us you did something this Sexuary that made a difference in your relationship,because bottom line that's what this exercise was all about.


TENS/Electricity...the thought was scary, yet exciting at the same time.  Something you are told not to play with yet really want to...well this is the safest way to play with it without getting totally fried.

We watched a few videos, have looking at 100's of toys.  Wondering all the what if questions.  I knew I already had a TENS unit a medical grade one, so we didnt want to go and buy one.  However when the month started I wasnt sure where it was.  We hunted for several days until finding the box that it was still packed in.  So we got it out and left it alone.  Scared to let the lion out of that cage.  Well until today, I had an appointment out of town this morning, so I was on my drive home when I was thinking about it, it got me stirring, did I want to go first? Or should he? I decided to go first in case I needed time to rest and get myself under control. We started with 2 pads, and I had them turned up to 40 and while I could certainly feel it, it wasn't taking me to the place I wanted to go.  So we added another 2 pads. Now this took me where I wanted it go.  Looking back I probably could have taken it higher however I knew I would be gone until Saturday at a conference in which I could not be uncomfortable in(if ya know what I mean) so after it got intense, I laid back and let it do what it was supposed to do, and it did.  While I didn't squirt like I am known to, it did take me into a multi-level orgasim that I could feel from my neck to my toes.  It also went into my "we ARE going to do this again" list! I think practice is needed to get the best orgasim, so will try again!

Next was Dane, I helped get his pads on, one set at a time, he leaked a good round or two of pre cum but never really had a mind boggleing shoot cum all over.  I think for him we will need to try again too, you have to get the pads in the right place or they do nothing and we were quickly running out of time before the kids got home from school. Even though he didn't finish with the TENS until he did finish, and it was pretty intense.

Did I mention this is going on my "do this again" list...There are several things on there from this month.  I can't believe this was the last day, we made it...while we had 2 days that not much if anything happened, I am still calling it 28 days!! WE nailed our list, and nailed each other ;) WE talked and talked and talked...well you get the picture.  We discovered new things, old things, things we liked and things we didn't, but we did it. 

I am doing a happy dance...happy dance....loud music(even if its just in my head) we did it...(insert Dora"WE did it, WE did it..." song here) lol

Keep following though, we aren't finished.  We are going to keep blogging and keep doing....We will go back to our every 3 days calender(which was another Sexuary goal) and I will go into that at another time.  We will keep communicating and keep smiling, and I will get a jersey or tshirt with "28"on it and not care whose name it is, but I will know what "28" is about...


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