Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tattooing and Piercing

Ok, this one might be a bit more imagination than real.  We could go 2 ways on this.  We could order some henna tattoos and 'fake' percings.  I was thinking though we could be in Austin and go to some tattoo and piercing shops and who knows….but remember we have 13 more days to go. If we do go to town you can do the very slutty dressing tell me what you want me to dress as. *** Ok since we've discussed it, we'll go to some shops, maybe some 'real tattoo' shops and some henna ones, and get tattoos.  I know you want a butterfly, what is your bad boy going to get? Help me out said the tattoo virgin.  We've ordered the hells gate, did you want some sort of piercings (fake or real)? Nipples? Clit?

Oh so many lines of thoughts going on here.

I guess I'll get the 'bad' news out of the way.  Our dreaded anticipated visitor finally made it.  No, not Auntie Flow, much worst, the yeast infection.  At 11 pm on Valentines Day I went to go get some cream for her.  I really feel bad for her.  I'm not sure a womans parts are made for the kind of abuse we've given it this month, and we're just barely over 1/2 way there.  So all day today off and on she's been fighting this battle.  We're hoping by tomorrow she'll be better, but past results haven't been so lucky.  I'm betting our weekend will be modified some to accommodate her current condition and then she'll get to the doctor. So with that in mind we made sure to give the first round of meds a chance and have no morning playing around.

So why Tattooing and Piercing?  First of all Jackie has several tattoos and I think if I let her would have many more.  Ok, let her isn't the right word, but in case you didn't know, nice tats cost serious dollars.  And the tattoo really has to just beg for Jackie to want it, so it's not like she's ready to put just anything on her body.  But she loves them.  She's said many times that one of the best orgasms she had was when she was getting her tramp stamp on her back.  There goes that pleasure pain thing again.  A needle poking you over and over again, piercing into you and you have an orgasm. Isn't the mind a great thing?

Additionally we've talked about a piercing for her clit and for my penis off and on for 5+ years I guess.  I'm not sure either of us will ever have one, but that's been the thought.

So there it goes on day 16 of the calendar.

In preparation we've ordered several new pieces of jewelry, all of them for  just a couple of dollars each.  Nothing was over $5 or $6 with the exception of a piece for me that was $12.  We ordered 2 or 3 sets of nipple rings that clamp on and have beads hanging down.  We ordered a clit clamp with beads on it.  We ordered a 'bull nose' nipple ring.  And last but not least for me we ordered a "Gates of Hell" cock ring set.  I think we've had as much fun trying on the new toys leading up to today as we would today.

Jackie has been almost obsessed with her nipples this month.  It's funny because normally she could care less one way or the other about them.  Ok, she doesn't want me to neglect them, but it's more my obsession than hers.  Not this month.  It's like all of her nerve endings have decided to reroute themselves and terminate in her breast.  Yeah for me!!!  Every time I look over she's putting on a nipple clamp and trying it on.  She spend an entire day looking online for new ones.  It's like she just discovered she has these things and they can feel good too.  Yeah for Sexuary and the discovery of new things.

As we were packing Jackie had me try to put on the 'bull ring' clamp. Not today.  They seriously pinch and after all the play she's had over the last 2 weeks her nipples couldn't handle it.  It really disappointed her though.

So we decided to get a hotel room (have I mentioned how much we love "hotel sex"? ) and check in for the weekend.  We gear up and head out knowing that only the 2 of us know we're wearing jewelry underneath our cloths. For the reason mentioned at the beginning of this Jackie decided to forgo the clit clamp for the night, but has promised me that she'd wear it another night after Sexuary was all over with.

So we go to eat and grab a booth.  Jackie excuses herself and when she comes back she whispers in my  ear that she removed her bra so the jewelry was now showing through her shirt.  Oh my.  What a turn on that was for me.  I asked her if she felt naughty knowing her nipples were clamped like that in public? I knew I did knowing my cock and balls were tightly packaged and encased.  She was really getting turned on and an adult version of strawberry lemonade didn't hurt the cause.

We got to talking about what the best experiences were so far, and maybe what could of been done differently on the ones that didn't go so well.  While we weren't talking loud or anything I got to wondering if the woman on the backside of the booth was wondering what the hell we were talking about.  I mean have you ever been sitting somewhere and you haven't heard a single word of a conversation but then the word 'penis' or 'pussy' or 'nipples' come up?  Our radar takes over and we have to listen now.  We kind of chuckled and hoped maybe she'd get into the Sexuary act that night with her man if she did hear our conversation.

After eating we found a tattoo parlor Jackie wanted to visit.  We found out earlier that the henna tattoo places all were by appointment only, so we missed out there.  It is a shame too, because I was ready to freak out our kids with a tattoo on Sunday. But we went in, looked around. Nothing seemed to really hit Jackie. But there is something about being 'bad' in those places.  The outside the box.  The other side of our every day lives when we go visit those.  I've taken Jackie several times to different parlors when we're in a big town just as foreplay.  Damn right it works every time.

So we headed back to the hotel to finish the night off.  It was different. It was fun.  It was harmless.  And most of all it was a turn on for both of us.  Oh and for the record Jackie is seriously thinking of getting her nipples pierced.  Now this is NOT prompting from me, but from her new found obsession with them.  We're going to wait a month or so though to see if she still feels that way or if it's just a Sexuary obsession. 

Oh did I mention that Jackies right nipple decided to get soft and drop her clamp in the Target parking lot?  We got a laugh out of that, especially as a mom was telling her young boy to 'just put it in your pocket' as we were looking for her lost nipple ring.  We still found the clamp in the parking lot, but we could just imagine if the boy had found it what his mom would explain that one away with.  Tweezers? lol

What have you done to create laughter and fun in your relationship this month?  Have you done anything 'bad' that would be oh so good for the two of you?  If so, good for you!  If not, why not? What are you waiting for?  Make it your goal today to do something to help you and your partner laugh and have fun in the bedroom.


Bad news...even with tons of Vitamin C, and multi-vitamins I now have a full blown yeast infection.  I am on round 2 of OTC remedies and so far, not much help.  I am still taking tons of VC and not helping as of yet. I do NOT want to cancel any plans, I am thinking we can still play, I don't want to change anything...(insert a cry and whimper here)

Yeah tattoo and piercing night! I love Tattoo's I have 4 already and Dane is right I would have a bunch more if they didn't cost so dang much! I am very select when it comes to tattoo.  I really think about the big picture...what is it that I am going to want to see for the rest of my life. Can it be covered easily if I ever go back to the work place? Right now a tall pair of socks or long pants and a shirt will cover all of mine.  I know I want a Butterfly...I went through a spiritual awakening over the last year and have felt like a Butterfly coming out of its shell, and I want a reminder..I also want a word,,but what word do I want to see on me forever...I have thought about a set of rings we own where the Bible book of Ruth is written out in  Hebrew...your God my God, where you go I will go etc...that is the theme of our lives..or does that fall into the "never put a guy or girls name on your body" list...uggg decisions decisions...what to decide.  So we went to a tattoo place spent about an hour looking through pictures, 1000+ of pictures, and never finding the "perfect" one.  The last one took me 4 tattoo places to finally find the right one.

Now its also piercing night.  We bought several "fake" piercings some just slide on the nipple and some clamp. I do not know why they excited me like they do but I swear there is a nerve that runs from my nipple to my clit that sends electricity down and around in my body.  Which is totally not like me, since my breast are not a usual turn on.  I could care less about having them sucked on or played with.  I know he likes it so I never say not to. So tonight as we went to supper I put on my rings.  Dane tells me after supper when we are going to Tattoo places NO BRA. I decided to surprise him and took it off in the bathroom at the resturant.  Now keep in mind, I am a 42DDDD so its very hard to let my boobs hang...I hate that they sag, and I want them up! So I am sitting in resturant and I have no bra, and I have my nipple clamps on.  The ones I like the most are twizzer type that have an adjustable ring  on them.  We made it all the way through dinner with both. Then we had to go to the store for more medicine...Was hoping another night with all the medicine and I would be better.  Well unknown to me as I stepped out of the car one of my nipple clamps has fallen off.  Went we into the store looking some different lubes, and I realise I have dropped one.  We back tracked through the store to see where I lost it.  Never found it, we walked out to car upset it was gone.  We walked by a family with 2 little boys, with the mom saying "Just put it in your pocket and leave it there" we chuckled and said well hopefully its NOT my nipple clip.  Well low and behold about 10 steps back there it was on the ground! Yeahhhhhhhh

I would like to say we came back to our hotel and had awesome hotel sex, but with my yeast infection that is a no go right now.  That's not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves, we did play but we just didn't have intercourse..

All in all it was great day, we had quality time together, we had great conversation over great food, and ended the night cuddled together.  Reminding each other that even after Sexuary is over we need to schedule in time for us.  Alone time and extra time to push our limits :)


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