Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nope, Didn't Happen

Sexting / Mastubation - You're on retreat.  So I think you'll be done early, but then me and the boys will be camping.  So I'm thinking sexting…pictures…words…maybe a video….and both of us masterbate and tell the other about it as we do it. 

Ok, that was the original plan.   And then came the change of plan because my outing was canceled.  So we decided that after Jackie got home we'd put one of the days we had to drop off for one reason or another and work from there.  It would a great make up day.

I waited as patiently as a guy who knows there is going to be sex can wait.  Actually I did laundry, cleaned the oven, and cleaned out the utility room that had been cluttered since we moved in. But as I waited I was getting anxious in anticipation.

Jackie got home and was exhausted.  She'd been up till midnight the night before and had an early morning.  Additionally she had a long drive home.

We got to bed and I started caressing Jackie and.....she fell asleep.  I finally told her to turn over and I'd snuggle, but she was just so exhausted that nothing happened.  I was pretty frustrated and tossed and turned for a bit before I finally settled down.  While it might not have been the first time in 7 years, it's not something that's happened often, and when it does I know she really is exhausted beyond exhausted.  But what my big head knows doesn't always make it to the little head in translation.  See and then I get upset at myself for being frustrated because i know the situation and know there is nothing she could of done.  A vicious circle of emotions. 

It was a restless night and made for a grumpy day the following day.  But I'll explain that in the next entry. 


I had been gone from the house for 24 hours, when I came back I told Dane how exhausted I was.  I just could NOT keep my eyes opened.  My body was on complete shut down.  It even really bothered me for him to caress me.  I do have occasions that I just cant handle that.  Tonight was one of them.  The more he caressed me the heavier my eyes got.  I faintly remember him saying turn over and I will snuggle, and I think I slurred "Im sorry" however that night was a blur. I knew the next morning he was pissy because of it..even though he said he wasn't he was..drives me nuts when he acts that way..


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