Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Sounding and Anal

 So before we started Jackie had asked for a weekend day for her.  Now I expected she'd want to get me high or something like that but boy was I totally off, and obviously she changed plans as what she did was at least in part things we learned about at TKF. 

At about 10:30 Jackie told me to go take a good long bath and be ready at noon, with a cleaned out ass and ready for fun. So I sat in the tub, read a steam story (The American Prince, part 2 of The American Princess series).

When I came out Jackie was looking hot in an outfit with fishnet stockings on.  She had me put on a harness I purchased last summer and had me lay in bed.

At TKF we went to LadyBoy's class on sounding.  They recommended rosebud sounds instead of the bars I had, and Jackie really liked them better than the ones I had before.  She also had a better idea on how to use them after the class.  

So she started with the 4 mm and worked her way up to the 10 mm.  It's funny that she was able to get the 10 mm in one time, but when she tried to put it back in, it just wouldn't go.  The 9 mm would slide in and out all the time with no problem, but the 10 mm wasn't going to go back in no matter how nicely it had gone in before.  

But she stroked me with each sound, and didn't take me long to have my first body orgasm.  Now if you've never had a body orgasm, it's not a little fluid coming out your dick.  It's from the tip of your toes to the hairs on your head on fire as waves and waves run through your body.  Jackie kept going and a bit later she had me rolling over and over again with orgasms.  I was just about to tap her to please stop when she did on her own.  But at this point every cell in my body was on fire.  She leaned down to kiss me and her hair rubbed over my body and every place she touched was like a mini orgasm all over again.  

She then put a dildo I had purchased a while back and never use.  It's a 9" dog cock with a knot in it.  It also allows the user to put a fluid in a syringe and push it into whatever cavity you're in (in my case my ass). After we were finished playing with the sounds, she had me masturbate and as I was cumming she filled my ass with the fluids.  I was a bit disappointed, not sure what I was expecting, but was more like an enema then what I was hoping for.  

She then covered me up and told me she'd be back in 15 mins.  My nerves were on fire and I just laid there trying to calm back down and come back to earth. 

When she came back she pulled out the triangle pillow and told me it was time for some ass play.  

Once I was up and over she started with a speculum and stretched my ass wide open.  It felt good and she got several good pictures.  This is something Jackie had been hesitant about, but after seeing it at TKF decided she could do it. I appreciated the class and all we learned there. 

After that she went for the big goal, she went for the fist.  Three times she put it in and out of my ass, each time rubbing my prostate from the inside and again sending me to another body orgasm.  

When we were done, I asked her to just cuddle up with me.  

Now the first part took almost 1:45 minutes, 15 minute breaks for Jackie, then another hour.  So almost
3 hours total. This is by far the longest scene Jackie has ever topped on me.  But I learned a few things. Oh and almost forgot, Jackie videoed the entire second part of the anal play for me, it was exciting to watch a second time.

First, I told Jackie I of used her up against me while she was at break, or maybe the weighted blanket.  My nerves were firing and I could of used that extra aftercare. I now understand why that kind of aftercare is so important. 

Second, I get why blankets are so important in aftercare.  I know it wasn't that cold, but I was freezing after all that.  All my body energy was for everything but to keep me warm.  Seriously it was just trying to get me back to earth and things back to normal, a place I was far from.  

Jackie and I have done a lot of things where I was a bottom, but never anything any better than this.  I don't know what her original plans were, but I know she truly had me in a great place and I really loved it. 


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