Thursday, May 18, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Oh Well

Do you see a repeating theme when I tell you that things, even planned things, don't always work out the way you plan them?  So if you don't make an effort I don't know how any couple ever have sex.  So Jackie and I are getting ready to go to Texas Kink Fest (will be in the next post) and have plans to take lunch together so we can get a quickie in.  This is not something we do very often, so it's different for us. Unfortunately I needed Jackie to get a few things done for TKF before I left.  I was leaving on Wednesday and she was coming the following day with our neighbor.  If it wasn't 100% needed I'd of thrown her in bed for lunch, but I absolutely needed her to do something for me before I left. 

 So this day was a bust.  A goodbye kiss was about the best we could do. 

 I'll admit I was very disappointed.  I get very excited when we are going to play and very disappointed when something comes up that it doesn't happen.  Over the years I've had to caution Jackie against promising something sexual and not delivering because it really does hurt.  This was just one of those times though that nothing could be done. 


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