Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Needle Play - Shadow Pictures

 So this day was going to be busy before we ever started out.  I would be out of the house by 530 in the morning and then meet Jackie about noon for a family gathering, in another town.  We'd be home late so I knew we couldn't plan any long term Once we got home though, I had some plans before we'd play. 

You see, I'm supposed to get a picture a day from Jackie.  While I like the sexy pictures, I wanted pictures of her feet, eyes, breast, sexy poses, maybe in lingerie, what ever she wanted to send me. A friend of mine had sent me a link to taking shadow photos.  I had tried them and pretty cool, so I wanted to try them with Jackie.  

The idea is you put a flashlight between the person and the wall and then take a picture without flash from the other side.  So we experimented with Jackie and the results were amazing.  To see the instructions I followed go here - 

But after taking pictures, t was time to move onto the next part, needle play. We decided to do a mandala of sorts.  While I'm not a perfectionist with needles, I'm getting much better aligning them for designs.  This design used 5 different size needles from 27 gauge and bigger.  

This design took about 30 minutes to do.  When I was done I always allow Jackie time to just live in the moment.  After a couple of minutes she asked me to come press on them.  After about 90 seconds of putting pressure on the needles with my hand spread wide, I let go again, and again, I sat on the bed and allowed her to be in the moment, where ever she goes in times like these. 

After a bit she was ready to have the needles removed.  One at a time (I've learned the lesson of trying to do more than one at a time) I pull them out.  In this case from the largest to the smallest.  This is part of the process and as such, part of the mental state that Jackie achieves     through needle play. When I'm done I cover her with a weighted blanket and darken the room.  Music plays in the background, and I lay back on the bed and wait till Jackie has fully gone through her subspace and comes back to Earth.  

Another day of Sexuary 2023 is done, and we've tried something new.  


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