Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Upper Harness Roping


We've really been working on rope.  We use to do rope every week for date night on Mondays, and somewhere along the way it's been dropped.  Oh occasionally we'll do a quick tie, but we use to do lots of suspension and all the ties that goes with it.  So we're a long way from where we were.  

Friday after dinner we broke out the ropes and started a harness.  Last time I had put to much pressure where Jackie had surgery. So this time I made sure that there would be no pressure there. 

I put on a top harness and then came down to her belly and did a few more wraps.  

Now, when I put her on the bed, the bottom ropes all gathered up on her belly, but the upper ropes all stayed put.  It was very distracting to me and a bit disappointing.  After a few minutes of playing I pulled Jackie up to pull the ropes off.  

She enjoyed the ropes, I was frustrated.  

It means I need to practice more on my ties and stays to keep ropes in place. Jackie would actually maybe start a weekly zoom/online session where were work with others to teach and learn.  Maybe, we'll see. 


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