Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Thursday Throat Day

 Keeping with our day of the week theme, Thursdays are for throat play.  If you'll remember last week we tried, for the time, a full blackout choke after several times of breath play. 

I wasn't sure exactly what Jackie had thought, but knew it seemed to take her to a good place when we did it.  So this time I change things up just a little bit.  I got one of her favorite toys, Lucy, and had her start with that as I started with tonight's breath play. I would wait till I would feel her starting to orgasm when I would start the breath play.  It seemed to make it even more intense.  The first time, I had to count out from 45 to 60 so that Jackie wouldn't panic, but after that she was good with the 60 second count I do each time.  It always seems that first time is longer than it is.  

From my perceptive it seemed to make her even more excited and the orgasms came faster and faster. 

After several times of breath play I asked Jackie if she wanted to black out again.  She did, and so with Lucy in her hand to let me know when she went out, I choked her to a full black out.  She was very slow coming out of it, she remained in la la land for a good bit.  

Prior to starting I had already decided I was going to let her stay in that subspace as long as she could.  I did slide out from behind her and laid her down, laid up against her and covered her up with a blanket.  We laid there for about 30 minutes before she truly started coming fully out of subspace.  

One thing to remember, ANY time there is anything traumatic, extreme, or just exhausting, the bottom needs aftercare.  They are often times cold and a blanket, and your body warmth feel fantastic. Don't try to have a conversation with them unless they are talking to you first.  Just be there for them.  A piece of chocolate is a good thing to give them a bit of energy.  There is no time limit for them to come back to their sense fully.  For Jackie it's normally 10-30 minutes, but we had one time it was almost 12 hours before she was fully back to her senses.  It's ok, just make sure they are monitored and ok.  She also likes a weighted blanket, makes her feel secure. 


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