Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Canvas Picture Art

 So a couple of weeks ago I went online and purchased a canvas with a picture of Jackie that I had taken during Sexuary 2021. She was laying on the bed with one of my shirts on and just looked hot in it.  It was a black and white picture and the canvas was a 36" x 12" canvas that I have the perfect space for in our bedroom.  

I went to and ordered the picture.  I showed up about 4 days later.  I was very impressed with the quality of the picture and the speed in which I got it.  I did have to decide between the one, two, or three canvas pictures.  For this I decided 1 was enough, but I will probably go back at another time and order more from them with multiple canvases 

So Tuesday night came around and we had dinner with some friends.  When we got home I broke out the canvas I had ordered.  I asked Jackie to take her acrylics and paint part of the painting to highlight.  I should of taken a bit more care on the pictures, as really the only place to paint was her lips.  I would of loved to of had her fingernails too, but her hands were folded in the picture. 

She painted her lips and I have put the picture up in our bedroom already. It's cool to have the black and white painting with the red lips looking over our bed now. I love it and love that Jackie was able to put her personal touch on it. 


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