Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Spanking, Flogging, Caning, etc

 Today I spoke with Jackie before we started. "I'm going to push your limits tonight.  You can use your safe words, and nothing is new, but I'm going to push how far we go with those things."  She still didn't know what I had plan, but I did.  

I laid out all the tools I wanted to use tonight.  Again, everyone of the tools on the bed have been used time and time again, but today I was going to use them to an extreme. 

Before we got started, I went over again with Jackie her colors, green, yellow, and red.  I would ask her many times throughout the night where she was at, and how she was doing. 

So we got started, I blindfolded her, and then led her to the spanking bench.  I had put extra padding on the bench on her recommendation from the last time we used it.  I put a cover over the pillows to make it more comfortable. 

I started with Thor's hammer, that's the purple yoga block with a 1" dowel stuck into it.  Thor is a good start and a good thudder.  I warmed Jackie up with Thor and my fingers running up and down her back and ass cheeks.  There were lines from my nails and Jackie was moaning as I was thudding away and getting Jackie ready for the real stuff. 

I took a little detour at this point.  We don't do a lot of ass play with Jackie, but tonight I wanted to push her.  I lubed her up and put a small butt plug into her.  A pretty little thing with a pink gem shining out of her ass. It was beautiful and she took it like a champ. 

I then broke out the new heavy duty flogger and started flogging on Jackie.  Normally I'm pretty gentle, flogging for therapy, not for pain.  Tonight, I was swinging for somewhere in between.  I wasn't swinging to welp Jackie, but was wanting her to feel the stings of the flogging. Her back was very red and her ass was starting to glow a bit. 

From there I went to the riding crop.  I started at her feet and worked my way to her ass cheeks. 

I broke the bamboo cane out.  Here is where I laid 10 good hard swats, 5 from each side of the spanking bench.  Nice pretty red whelps started to form where the 10 swings hit. 

Now several times through out I would check on color.  Even a couple of times with each instrument I used just to make sure Jackie was good.  She had remained 'green' throughout the whole ordeal.  I also would reach back and finger her to an orgasm a couple of times, and would even bend down and fuck her till she'd have another orgasm and start again.  

So I bent over and I did something I had planned from the beginning but normally would not do.  Anyone who's read our blog knows that Jackie has been triggered by her mom's teacher paddle.  This paddle is one of my prized BDSM possessions, but it's really been a 'off-limits' item for Jackie.  I bent over though and whispered, "I normally wouldn't renegotiate in the middle, but I want you to let me spank you with your mom's paddle 3 times.  You absolutely may say no!" It didn't take her long and she had agree.  I asked her again if she was sure and she reassured me she was. 

I wend and grabbed it off the wall and took aim.  Paddle swat one lifted her ass and I knew it took it's toll on the already very red ass.  The second swat came and I stopped.  "Color?"  ...."Yellow"..."is it ok for the third swat still?" seemed like forever, and I was just about to put the paddle down when she told me yes, she was ready.  I gave her the 3rd and final swat and then moved her to the bed.

What was the first thing she surprised me with? "Do we have a larger butt plug?" Now I know she means just a bit larger, the next size up.  I run to the 'never use toy drawer' (after all it's way to small for me) and pull out a new plug and replace it with the pretty pink gemstone that was there.  

We finished up the night with the vibrator on her butt plug and both of us in a very good place. 

Afterwards we spoke, and Jackie liked the fact I'd given her the number 3 to know the limits of the paddle.  That almost immediately after I was done with the paddle she went back down to green.  

I had to stop Jackie from putting more and more into her ass.  It's not a regular play for us and I didn't want her to regret going to far to fast.  I would really like to add this to our play more regularly, and didn't want to push to far in one night.  I want to build her up to more and more. 

Over all Jackie was in a fantastic place when we were done.  Her only complaint? She would of liked more canning.  The 10 swats were not enough for her.  Noted! But she purred the rest of the night.  I swear she wanted me to fuck her some more as we were trying to go to sleep.  I had her in a very good place, and that is always a win for me. 


PS - The next day Jackie didn't have any issues what so ever.  Her red ass is all gone and the night before is all gone except for a desire to do more ass play, and another session with the play toys.

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