Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Waken Up

So Friday has been rope night for Sexuary 2023.  but this night we invited "the girls" for dinner and drinks.  Now when that happens I become 'the cabana boy' when we get back.  I take all the orders and make sure the ladies are all taken care of with drinks and snacks if needed. 

I've done this in shorts or naked, just depends on the ladies that are over and my mood. But it keeps all the ladies happy and I can hear them laughing their asses off on the back patio while I take care of cleanup, setting up the spare bedroom for those needing it and so forth.  

But what that means is that our nightly activity gets put on hold for the night.  While I'll go to be by 1030 normally, the women can be out there anywhere from 1130 to 2 in the morning, well past my bedtime. When I go to bed on these nights I'll put ear plugs in and go to sleep so they don't wake me up. 

This night Jackie woke me up by pulling me onto my back and immediately dropping down and started sucking on my cock.  What a great way to wake up!!! She continued her assault on my cock until she was ready to be fucked.  By then I was wide awake and ready to abide her. 

While it wasn't the rope play planned, it was a great substitute. 


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