Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sexuary 2019 - Good Friends and Good Fucks

So one of the things Jackie and I have 'played around' with over the years is bringing others into our bedroom.  If you go back to the first time we tried with a couple (Sexuary 2013), it was pretty disastrous.  Things didn't click.  Things moved oddly and definitely were not a good experience.  We'd had other experiences that were.  The 1 gentleman we played with for over a year (every few months we'd spend a date night out with him), and had a great time.  But for some reason couples just never seemed to work out quite as well.

Over the course of this last year we've met a couple and became friends.  While I'd known the guy for a bit, and had met his significant other, Jackie hadn't met either.  Our first get together as couples was at Hippie Hollow.  No better way to meet someone than with all your cloths off right? We've become great friends over the year and some where along the way the question was asked, "so, can we all get together in bed?"  As always for us, both of us have to agree, and since we know I'm a horny bastard it left it to Jackie to work it out.

After several visits it did happen, and has continued to happen over the last 6 months or so.  So when Sexuary 2019 calendar was being made we texted them to see if they were available for a weekend of swinging fun.  Of course they said yes.

Now I want to point out we hook up some times just for cards, or a meal, or get together.  Both of our families have met the other as our friends.  We know them, and their story just like they know ours.  It's not a quick roll in the hay and we were out the door.

And while Jackie had some feelings she had to process the first couple of times, it's not gotten to where when we are together we can flirt and have fun, and each of us knows who's going home with who and there are no problems. We have gone to dark parties together, and we've played at each others house.  When I built our St. Andrews cross they were they were their for the inaugural weekend. The new hard point for the house we actually put it together the 1st time at their place and I suspended all 3 of them that night.  Rarely a day goes by that we don't all text something back and forth asking about each others day or family. 

So Friday comes and to be honest Jackie had a horrible week.  We weren't even 'scheduled' to play Friday night, but she needed some release.  So we all went out for dinner and .99 cent Margaritas. Afterwards Jackie and Thomas (Thomas and Kitty are our friends) laid on the sofa together while I took and gave Kitty an hour massage.  We just relaxed and got the days stress out of our system.  We moved to the bedroom and .....well let's just say the women were all very satisfied before we ended up in a pile in the middle of the bed and chatted for about 30 minutes as we planned the next days adventures. 

Did I mention that the king sized bedroom I rented had a hot tub in it? Yeap, Jackie and I had stayed here before so when I was looking I went back.  It's really a 2 person tub but you can easily fit 3 and really could fit 4 in it if you wanted to be playful and cozy. So while Thomas and Kity took care of their daily honey-dos, Jackie was in an extraordinarily horny mood and I was ever so happy to help her with her condition.

After lunch we came back and worked on those rope ties I struggled with so much this on Wednesday.  We'd talked about different things we could do to make it work and sure enough with a set of new ropes, a couple of piles and a lot less frustration Jackie was tied up and laying comfortably on the bed.   OF COURSE I took advantage of the situation a little, but then I let her chill in her subspace for about 15 minutes while tied up. 
Just as I was finishing putting my new ropes away in come Thomas and Kitty with a bottle of wine and cups.  The hot tub filled up with Jackie relaxing on the sofa next to it as we chatted for at least a good hour or more.  They'd been to lunch with their kids and had gotten good news, and we were all in just happy.

Of course hands and feet were rubbing all around and by the time we got out everyone was ready for more sexual adventure.  We played for a couple of hours till there just wasn't much left in our tired bodies.  Thomas took good care of Jackie, I turned Kitty into rubber and when it was done the 2 gals hopped back into the hot tub for a relaxing finish.

We went to dinner at their house, the women both got massages, and then we played cards while sitting around naked. Life is good!!! But these are our friends.  Yes, it's more than the average relationship of couples, but it's where we are.  It's good.  It's comfortable.  And most importantly it's fun for all of us.  Don't get me wrong, like all relationships there have been some misunderstandings, but we've gotten through those, and the results are weekends like these (yes there have been other full weekends of adventures with them) that just really really are a great time for all.

So what are my takes on things?  First of all, just because something doesn't work the first time doesn't mean it won't work at all.  It has taken us 6 years to find a couple we've enjoyed playing with and figuring out what went wrong with the others.  For us it was we needed that relationship to happen. We needed a connection to hang onto before it was sexual.

For the roping side it meant that we had to work out some positions, and Jackie had to talk to me about what worked for her and what didn't.  She came up with the idea of the pillow under her hip and putting her arms up front instead of behind her ....that worked for us.

It also means that because we were willing to go outside of our box more than once, even after failure the first time, we not only have found success, but exceeded in it.  In both cases we could of let it drop and never gone back, and probably been justified in doing so.  But we didn't and because of that we have had a fantastic weekend.

Swinging weekend has definitely been a success!!!


PS, this morning Jackie asked if we could extend a day....well you can bet your bottom dollar I made that happen!!! A happy horny Jackie makes for an extremely happy and satisfied Dane!

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