Friday, February 22, 2019

Sexuary 2019 - Making out in the car

Ok, do you remember when you got your drivers license?  The best part about it was that your weekend dates could now be unchaperoned right?  And that meant making out in the car on the way to or from each others house.  Or maybe you got to be so fortunate as to go to Make-Out Lane and made out there. We had a bridge I know we could park under that was safe from view.  There were a couple of pull offs that I could pull into behind some trees in another place I lived.  But once we were there it was make out time!

Well to say the house Jackie and I live in is busy would be an understatement.  So finding privacy outside the bedroom has been an issue for us.  Oh don't get us wrong, we obviously find plenty of sex in our bedroom, but sometimes we want to be somewhere else. 

Sexuary fun in the carThis Sexuary we've brought back making out in the car. Sometimes while returning from our rope dates.  Sometimes just out on the front driveway.  Just to be clear we live in a neighborhood, so it's like when you use to drop your date off and hope her dad wouldn't come knocking on your door.  Cars pass by and others could come out of the house at any time, but we don't care.  I keep a vibrator in the car most of the time, and Jackie can always put on a show.  Or my belt and zipper will magically open up and Jackie could be going down on me.  My fingers will definitely find a clit to rub and potentially a hole or two to fill while we're necking.  Bras never seem to stay on and when we walk back into the house it seems we might carry as much of our clothing as we are wearing.  The car might even have that .....that wonderful smell of, "there has been sex in here" for a day or two afterwards.  You might even get into the car the next day and smile when you have to pull your seat up to drive remembering the adventures of last night.

I know I know we all get so freaking busy that sex, and particularly foreplay, can be put on the back burner.  But let's be real here, it's there if we want it, it just has to become a priority.  And one of the ways to make it that is to take advantage of those few minutes in between here and there while in your car.

If you're fortunate enough like me to have a bench seat it works even better.  If that gives you the motivation to clean out the back seat, that works too.  But all these are just obstacles that can be overcome.

So our advice? Steam up some windows!!! Give your partner a show!!! Reach over and kiss your partner when the vehicle stops and don't let it stop there!!! Bring back making out in the car and act like a teenager!!!


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