Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sexuary 2018 - Munches and Dark Parties

So one of the advantages of getting into the roping scene is that you also get exposure into so many other groups.  We've been fortunate enough to get in with SAADE, Austin Rope Slingers, and Austin Rope Bombing, and several others that are like minded in the kink lifestyle.  The best part of being part of these great groups is that you have get togethers.  There is everything from Munches to Dark Parties, and everything in between.

So let's start with the Munches. In case you don't know, a Munch is an informal meeting of like minded people.  Often times there might be some educational element to it.  It's a great place to meet and get to know others without the sexual element being involved. Ok, at least no one is going to get naked and have sex, as generally these are held in public places (like the back room of a restaurant).

Next there are soft parties.  These are parties that there might be some playing but there will be limits.  Each party might have the own limits, but generally there will not be any sex happening.  Sexy lingerie,  might or might not be nudity, but really it will be heavy petting and could be some ropes or maybe even some flogging or other kink play, but there will not be any sex at this party.  Could be happening right after the party someplace else, just not at the party itself.

Then there are the Dark Parties.  These will be sponsored by some group, or could be a house party, but generally you get to go because you have attended a Munch, know someone to get invited, or are part of 'the group' sponsoring.

These parties are generally "vanilla to the door" then ....well you will find fetish wear, topless, bottomless, naked, and everything in between.  The parties we've attended have different rooms with different BDSM items in each area.  St. Andrews crosses, spanking benches, hard points, stockades, massage/exam tables are all scattered throughout the locations.  Floggers, needle play, ropes, and various other kinks are happening all around you as you pursue through the environment.

Educate dictates you can watch but you don't interfere in any way unless you are asked to by the participants of the scene.  You watch in awe as a bullwhip cracks the back of a sub strapped to a St Andrews cross, or as a sub displays the needle work that her Dom has just completed on their back. 

This is where people let go!!! There will always be DM (Dungeon Masters) that have final say on a scene.  They can stop any scene at any point if they feel like there is danger.  No exceptions, and you'd be automatically thrown out and not asked back if you violated that rule. They are there for everyone's safety.  The Doms, the subs, and those watching.  But beyond that there are very few limits. 

The first time Jackie and I went I tied her up, strapped her to a cross, flogged her and then fucked her right there on the cross.  Afterwards I found out how exciting it was for her to know that others were watching her get fucked like that.  She loved the idea of being watched but never had said anything to me about it.  Well now I know.
The other good thing about these parties is it's safe.  I mean a woman could go by herself and be safe.  If she just wanted to watch and leave she could without having to fight off hordes of guys hitting up on her.  The entire group would make sure she got back in her car safely and if she was looking for a hookup, she could probably find that too.  It's safe.  The members are generally pretty well vetted and nothing unwanted is going to happen. Consent is  paramount in these groups, and communication about consent is demanded.  It's not left to the imagination as to what is wanted/allowed and not.

So how do you get to one of these? Look up Munches on fetlife or something similar and search for munches.  Look, different groups have different ...hmmm...kinks.  Some munches are couples oriented, some Top, some bottom, some female, etc.  So find the group that is in your wheelhouse, and do everyone a favor and read their rules BEFORE you go!  It will save a lot of embarrassment later.


NOTE: I realized we never posted this post last year, so are posting it now.

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