Friday, February 8, 2019

Sexuary 2019 - Riggers Remorse

Since May of 2018 Jackie and I have really gotten into rope work (hence this years banners).  We've been going to classes on Wednesday nights learning safety, and fun ways to tie and suspend.  I literally have 1000s of feet of rope of multiple colors, and carry about 500' at any given time.  We've enjoyed it so much that I even built us a hard point.  It sits in our bedroom disguised as a chair hanger in between sessions. But behind closed doors it will suspend Jackie or we can use it for various other sexual play. 
So Wednesday night have been date night with rope class attached.  We've gone from the beginners class to the advanced 301 classes. So for Sexuary our Wednesdays read, "Rope class then playing in the car on the way home." Last night was the last 301 in a series.  It was a struggle for me.  As a rigger I got frustrated and ended up untying Jackie without getting her up.  It was frustrating for Jackie because even in her partial state of being roped up she had found a comfort zone and was enjoying it...yet I just untied her.  Was not a great start to our first Wednesday night of Sexuary.  Definitely didn't workout the way I had planned.

I did calm down and we started our hour drive home.  Jackie let me know that something would happen just be patient.  I was good with that, because I wasn't sure if I'd blown it or not getting impatient with the rigging.  I wouldn't have blamed her.

But she really surprised me.  I figured there would be a bit of masturbation, or a show for me, but nope, she went and gave me a blowjob to remember as we cruised up I35.  When we got to the house she helped finish me off.  What a great adventure!!! She really saved the night.  I owe her 1 next Wednesday night. 😈

As for the knots we were working on...not sure we'll ever get that 1 knot...who knows.  But we still enjoy the ropes and the sensations it gives both of us.  If you're interested in ropes look up Shibari, and I highly recommend the website  It's some great safe instructions on basic and advance knots used to restrain someone. I've learned a lot over the last year on this site.

If you're looking for some good quality rope at a very reasonable price, try MyNawashi on Etsy. has some, but be careful NOT to get the cotton ropes, they are useless for bondage.

So even though we plan things, sometimes (and this happens every year), things don't always work out the way we expect, but they can still be saved!!! It's the magic of Sexuary.  So try....go for something out of your comfort zone and have a great Sexuary!!!


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