Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Fireplay


Since we've started with fire play, we've tried it many times.  We've varied it up and different designs do different things.  So this year I was able to make videos for you.  I started with a heart shape on Jackies back:

I created a different design with the intent of some immediate heat in multiple directions all at one time.  You'll notice how this one kept going for a couple of rounds before stopping.  Be prepared to stop it if you see it's going to long and could burn your model. 
For the 3rd video I just did a zig-zag design on Jackie

For the 4th I didn't 'burn' anything. I took the same flame torches I would use in fire cupping and just glide them all over Jackies body.  This will give her a warm sensation.  In her words, "it feels like a huge body hug" 

I did one more simple design, but again with the intent of multiple passes before it stops.  


I didn't realize at the time but I recorded more than I expected.  You'll note just like any type of kink play there is an aftercare.  We didn't just get up and go.  In this care I caressed Jackie for a minute and then covered her.  I let her float in her subspace for about 5 - 10 minutes before we got up and I cleaned up our playspace while she went to relax. 

"I wish people could just understand" was Jackies comment as she climbed down from the massage table.  Jackie seriously went to her special place while we played.  

Now this isn't a great lead to intercourse, but not all sex is there.  Sometimes it's just about the intimacy you and your partner achieve, and that doesn't always mean traditional sex.  Today, for us, this is one of those days.  

One of the things in BDsm is the trust the sub has to have for their Dom, and the care and preparation the Dom must have to keep the sub safe and maintain that trust. I don't think the average couple ever achieves that level of trust a BDsm couple does.  

We hope you enjoy the videos, please feel free to comment or contact us with questions or comments. 


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