Friday, February 26, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - The Bath

Pavlov trained his dogs that when the dinner bell rang food was coming.  Jackie has trained me in the same way over our 15+ years together.  Every time she goes to take a bath, she'll come out clean, shaven, and ready to be eaten. EVERY TIME!  Her bath time has been a sacred thing since we've been together. Even when we had boys in the house, if Jackie was in the bathtub she was NOT to be disturb under penalty of near death by a dad who was anxiously awaiting her to come out and what he knew was to come shortly.  It's one of our rituals together.  

Tonight I drew something else that would of required a bit more of Jackie and she asked that it be put back in the bucket for another day.  So when I drew again I pulled out "A bath - A good eating out - a good fucking".  I was not disappointed!

You have to understand, when Jackie takes a bath, that means she's taking her kindle, and spending 2 hours in there reading the smuttiest romance novel she can find on there.  We love good smutty, great sex scene, romance novels and both read them, but this is Jackie's time to read sometimes a couple of books.  She will then shave and come out ready to be attacked by her husband, a chore I take very seriously. 

I make it no secret, I prefer nicely shaven pussy.  I also LOVE oral, so the combinations of a freshly shaven pussy that needs to be eaten is my heaven.  I will dive in gladly and generally bring Jackie to her first couple of orgasms before moving on or worrying about getting myself off.  There is something about a pussy that has been shaved in the last couple of hours that is so much better than even the next day, not that I'm going to turn that down, but it's just better freshly shaven. 

The good hard fuck?  Well that will just depend on Jackie and what she's in the mood for, but she generally will drench me a couple of times after I get started before I get to the finish line.  It's nothing new for  us, but it's always a good thing for us.  So in this month of Sexuary, where sex is anything but mundane, something regular and good is just as welcome as all the other kinky sex we have fun with.  

Maybe you had a routine that kind of fell by the wayside that was always a good thing.  Maybe it's been to long since you've drooled over your spouse because they did x, y or z.... Why not put a plan in action to make it happen this last weekend of Sexuary 2021? 


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