Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Sounds


So Monday came around and I had kind of thrown out my back helping Jackie with some gardening on Sunday.  She almost put back the draw for the day and draw again, but she decided that playing with sounds would be easy on the back. 

Now I have gotten an added interest in my penis lately.  I've been purchased several metal rings to try and wear, and played with some catheters and such.  For those that don't know, sounds are generally metal rods that you insert into the urethra. They can be inserted in both male or female urethras, but you generally see men using them.

Now my thought had been I would masturbate while Jackie used them on me, sliding the different sized sounds in through the top of my penis.  Jackie wasn't comfortable with that so we switched roles.  I have a set that goes from 'no big deal' to 'no fucking way' in size.  Truth be told, I can get the first 8 sizes in me (each sound has 2 ends, and each end is a different size).   So before we played I cleaned all the sounds with alcohol.  Last thing you need is to get in infection from a dirty toy in your urethra.

Then both Jackie and I lubed up and we started.  She started slowly masturbating me as I started inserting the smallest sound in me.  Masturbation feels so much different with a sound in.  I would leave it in for a bit...slide it up and down...then I'd go up a size and start all over again.  

With a little more effort after we done with the sounds I finished nicely.  It was a great way to finish and not hurt my back anymore. Win/win!


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