Saturday, February 10, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - UV Rope

 So you might start to notice a black light theme this month. I purchased the black lights and put the in our ceiling fan, and Jackie and I have really taken to them.  I had purchased the UV reactive lights from Rope Bound Kitten for a trip to Hedo II in Jamaica.  I had something else planned, but really felt like some rope play today.  

I got the first rope on Jackie, and was about 1/2 way through the 2nd rope on Jackie, when she suddenly gets up and ask me to grab a trash can.  

So for the 2nd time in 2 days, something out of my control ended the night.  You can't be upset, or mad.  It's not like Jackie was trying to stop this week, just life and in this case something she ate got in the way.  So the cool design I had planned was partially wrapped around her as she laid in the bed trying to get her stomach to settle down. 

It happens during Seuxary, and it happens in our daily life.  The only suggesting I have is the old, get back on the horse as soon as possible.  If this were a normal day,don't wait your 'normal' time before a new try at it, if the next day everything is better, then try again.  Maybe it's 2 days later, or 3 before you're feeling better, but hopefully both partners will get right back to it.  It's easy to just let those efforts drop and get into a rut of oh well, maybe next time.  Don't let that happen to your relationship.  

Make the effort, there is still plenty of time in THIS Sexuary, to make a difference in your relationship. Take a step and do something different in your relationship, and bring that intimacy back. 


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