Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Back On - Picture Day and Porn

 So Jackie is feeling better, and we've played once or twice, though we have had a full week with a munch for Texas Kink Fest on Thursday night and a house full of prospective.  Thankfully though the vertigo is gone and we can actually continue on with Sexuary.  

I was offered the opportunity to have my 'Saturday' from my weekend of Domming, but passed on it, we were both mentally out of the Dom/sub mental state, and I just didn't think it would be the same. 

So Friday night we used the kegel balls and flogging.  Things we've already discussed this year, and nothing really new. 

Saturday afternoon we did our annual picture day.  This time we took it to Jackie's work place since she now has a huge garage that was empty, and we thought the area would be deserted on a Saturday morning. Ha were we fooled. 

We did take over 100 pictures in the garage with her motorcycle (yes, HER motorcycle) and a variety of outfits (and lack there of).  I also got some pictures of her riding her bike with shorts and just her club vest.  We were even able to get one picture of her opening up her vest long enough for me to get a picture without her exposing herself to all the people that were there on a Saturday, a picture I've been wanting for a long time now. Just no good place to go riding that you can do it nude or semi nude without having some uptight mom calling the police on you.

When we got home it was 75F and a beautiful day. I mowed the lawn (it's insane that I've had to mow my lawn 2x this month (Sexuary) in winter. After the lawn was mowed,we took a few other pictures in the backyard on the lounge chair. 

 I always love Jackie on picture day.  She is so freaking sexy and it's a year to year journal of Jackie and her sexual growth.  I look back and her shyness is gone and her sexuality shines. 

In Jackie's preparation to be a Dom this week,  a friend had pointed her to PornHub and The dungeon of Lady Dimitrescu. Jackie had shared that with me one night, so I pulled up her dungeon, and picked out a movie to watch and waited for Jackie to come back inside.  When she did we laid spooning and I started the videos.  Let's just say that I was extremely excited and wasn't going to wait to slowly start stroking inside of Jackie.  After the 3rd 10-15 minute video we turned things off and finished up.  

It was exciting to both of us, because we both knew that some of this was going to be happening over the next week.  We even ordered a new anal hook based upon one of her videos (already in today).  

Now porn isn't something we watch often, but I can definitely see where watching it together was freaking hot.  I told Jackie I'd like to find a bi-sexual 3some with 2 guys to watch for another time.  I think we might add this every once in a while to our cycle of things we do. 


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