Saturday, February 17, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - DOM/Sub - Part 3

Day 5 came along and Jackie had to leave the house for work, a rarity. So for the morning I told her she could be naked instead of dressing up.  We were supposed to host a Munch at our house that night, Jackie had a doctor's appointment after work, so honestly I didn't have much planned.  

We played some, and then I had Jackie turn around and masturbate for me.  I wanted to watch her masturbate while stroked my cock. After a while, I aided her with my fingers, and brought her off several times, and I ended up cumming all over her.  Nothing overly dominant, nothing strenuous, but still it was a good day. 

Friday came along and I had plans.  I had invited someone else to join us for the fun, but she had to work late.  Jackie had been looking great all day, and I had loved watching her walk around the house some.  I definitely loved watching her ass, she looked so great!

When we went out to dinner, I asked her to wear shoes she could take off and rub those stocking feet over my crotch.  Unfortunately the booth was to far apart for her to do that. I was very disappointed!

When we got home I gave Jackie about 20 minutes while I went into the bedroom to get things ready. I put some old towels across the bottom of the bed, and grabbed the UV paints that I had let Jackie borrow the week before, paint brushes (Jackie keeps a glass full of them...I would never own a paint brush on my own), I had purchased a cup with three areas, that have a single pour spout...I thought some colors, and one with some glitter might look great for a big finish. 

I had Jackie undress, and put her into the bed and started painting.  Her belly was the start, and I started with some colors. I quickly realized I didn't have enough containers to pour the paint into, I didn't have any paper towels, and I didn't remember a cup of water  So I quickly dashed into the kitchen to get everything I needed.

I'm about 3 colors into the painting when Jackie needed to go to the bathroom. I carefully got Jackie off the bed and led her to the bathroom.  I turned off the lights so she couldn't see the paint job.  I got her back in the bed, and from her just below her belly button to mid-thighs were mostly smeared.  Jackie told me to go get the makeup removers.  She was crying because she knew I was frustrated.  I was more frustrated that I hadn't gotten any pictures before I took her to the bathroom, and not thinking about the paint smearing. I had to calm her down, and told her I would work through it. It took a dozen sheet of remover and several paper towels, but I was able to then repaint the areas that had smeared. 

As I was going along, I would add to what was there along the way.  The breast were painted, her belly was about 70% painted, her legs about 50% of what I wanted, when Jackie said she really had to go potty again.  Damn that 2nd Margarita at dinner!!! I made her wait while I stood up on the bed and took a lot of pictures in both the black light and then turned on the light and took some more pictures. 

Jackie was pretty devastated, but there was nothing we could do.  I did my best to calm her down.  When she was done, we took a shower and got all the paint off of both of us.  

We moved into the hot  tub when something hit Jackie.  She was dizzy getting to the hot tub, and no better getting out.  We went back to the bedroom to get a bit of satisfaction when I notice Jackie wasn't right.  She wanted to lay on her side, but I called it a night.  I covered Jackie up and put her to bed for the night and hour or so early. 

The last day of this exercise saw Jackie still with vertigo and not feeling well. We've made a doctors appointment for this afternoon.  Definitely NOT the day I had planned (and I had a full day planned), but as we've said time and time again, "Life gets in the way!" In this case though we still had a good experience, and one I hope to revisit another time. (Note: Jackie does have Vertigo and has exercises to get the stones in her ear moving again, hoping for a quick recovery.)


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