Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - All Day Sex

Periodically, even when it's not Sexuary, we'll have a day of sex.  I mean sex 4, 5, maybe even 6 times in the day.  Now this might seem like it's a wham bam type thing, but for us, that means every time we walk into the bedroom, it's going to be 100% different.  

We had just run some errands, so I wanted to start the day with a quickie.  I gave Jackie a couple of options, and a 10 minute blowjob was how we started the day!  What a great start to the day.  No, I didn't finish, but I knew there was a lot more to come, and I'll take 10 minutes of my cock in Jackie's mouth any day of the week!  

We were done about noon, so I told Jackie to be bent over the bed at two.  

At 2 sharp I walked into the bedroom and Jackie was waiting.  I set my alarm for 20 minutes, it was the first go around, and I didn't want to wear her out.  So I scrapped her back with my nails, I swatted her with one of my floggers (a serious thudder), and then I went to work on her.  Jackie went crazy after all the prep.  When my alarm went off, I pulled out and told her we'd pick back up at 4.  

During our break, I texted her asking if she wanted anything particular? "Some more sensation play and breath play" was her response.  So I went and prepared.  I pulled some balls I had gotten from Wish, and pulled a robe tie and some lube and put it under my pillow.  

When we started I started rubbing the first one over her belly and thighs.  I wound up with one under one of her breast and pressed, hard.  She reacted very favorably to it.  I started with my hand on her throat, something we do regularly, and when I released, I ran the balls hard in places.  

I placed a couple of balls between her thighs and then went to holding her nose and mouth a couple of times, again, she reacted well.  I put a couple of the big balls underneath Jackie's sides and had one under each breast, and then started to choke her with my robe.  She tapped out and I immediately let go.  I was ready to stop, but she wanted to continue with the balls.  

So I continued, and fingered her while playing with the balls.  Eventually I had enough and went for my pleasure.  When we were both done, the 20" circle of cum underneath Jackie was proof that session 3 was successful.  

"At 6:30, be leaning over the bed, with your ass cheeks spread," where the marching orders I gave as I left the room and let her rest some.  She deserved some rest after that session.  

Ok, she was a minute late, and her cheeks were spread, but she did make it to leaning over the bed and I placed her hands on her ass cheeks to spread them.  I then started to insert the anal vibrator I recently got for her and have used once before.  She started creaming almost instantly.  I was fisting her as I was changing the settings on the vibrator periodically.  "Go deeper" as she pushed back against my hand, sliding me as far as I could go inside her.  

After she came down from an extreme stream of orgasms, I flipped her onto the bed and then went in myself, leaving the vibrator in place.  The end of the bed, and the floor were soaked from her.  Her eyes were still in the back of her head and I could tell she was ready for a breather.  So I pulled the plug out, and just slowly slid over her.  

After a minute, I was able to slowly slide into her ass, and fuck her to another couple of orgasms.  After my 30 minute timer went off I stopped and we spooned for a bit.  We were waiting for a phone call sometime that night, so I told her right after that we'd finish for the night.  

I'll explain the rest when we get to bed."  Now I know in her researching now to be a Femme Dom, she'd been watching some porn, and had gone down some rabbit holes in fascination on a couple of topics.  Normally we're not big into porn, but it's not 'forbidden' in our house, just not something we've really gotten into.  So while she was outside enjoying herself, I sent a text, "I want you to find a 15 - 30 minute porn video and send me the link.  I want it to be something you've been watching (not necessarily that you've watched, but in one of the categories you've watched, and looks interesting to you."  She sent back this link.  The Femme Dom uses a vacuum bed to control her sub. After our call we went to bed.  I gave her 2 options, to assist me in masturbating, or we would just both masturbate while watching the movie together.  She wanted to finish the night with a bang too, so we both got what we needed and started the movie.  

We finished the night with multiple orgasms and quickly went off to sleep!  What a wonderful way to celebrate the 3rd day of Sexuary though. Sometime you just need a day of sex, I mean a day that sex is the center of everything, and you're constantly looking forward to 15 minutes from now because you know you're going to be back at it.  I can tell you that when we do this for non-Sexuary weekends, it's calming to me for days.  It gives me a sense of belonging, and knowing that our relationship is in a great place, and that we will go the extra for each other to make sure the other knows we are here for each other. About the only thing that would of made the day better was we didn't have anything else to do, and it was raining outside, so you never really wanted to get out of bed.  

It's only Day 3 of Sexuary, are we giving you any ideas of what you might bring into your sex life to get you out of a rut? I hope so, but even more so I hope you'll act on it and start something new with your parnter this Sexuary!


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