Saturday, February 10, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Masturbation

I hate it that life gets in the way of our Sexuary celebration every year, but because of it we learn to adapt.  This year Jackie got a new job, so things that were planned for the first full week got delayed, on this day, the 6th day of Sexuary 2024, Jackie had a meeting right after work, and I had a meeting at 630 - 730.  

So when I left Jackie I told her when she got in from her meeting, she needed to shower, and then when I got home I wanted her masturbating, and well on her way to her orgasms.  

When I walked into the house I could hear Jackie moaning and her vibrator doing it's job.  Jackie had done as she was told and was well on her way to her orgasm.  I quickly stripped and spread her legs as I went down and aided the vibrator with my tongue.  

Now I've heard people say,"you're married, you shouldn't masturbate," or "I should be enough for her," or something stupid like that.  If it works, and you both enjoy it, DO IT! It excites me to see Jackie excited.  I know her favorite toys get her excited and with my aid, she'll get even more excited.  And movies are great, but movies with popcorn are better.  Don't be afraid of using toys to make things better. Doesn't mean she doesn't like your dick, and most women I have talked to will say that the vibrators will do in a pinch, but dick is what they want, but both are over the top good (note, I know that doesn't apply to all women, so no hate mail please).  

So if my options are no sex, or jump start sex and have a good time, I'm going for the jump start, and having Jackie start without me was a great way to do that. 

When it's not Sexuary, there is nothing like walking into the house and hearing Jackie masturbating, knowing she's expecting me to run in there and join her, SHE'S asking for sex, and you can bet I'm going to join her ASAP every time!!!


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