Saturday, February 3, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Kicking off with Romance

So Sexuary 1st came around and we've made 100 changes to the calendar.  Life once again has changed plans and some things that were meant for the beginning of Sexuary will be pushed back.  But that doesn't stop us, and there are plenty of new plans for Sexuary 2024.  

Day 1 is a romantic day on the calendar.

When Jackie walked in from work, the clothess had been washed, dried, folded and on our bed for her to put up her stuff.  A new bouquet of flowers were on the dinner table, the bed sheets had been changed, the den and bedroom had been cleaned and vacuumed, and the day before I had gotten her some Reese Peanut Butter Cups, because those are her favorite.  Remember romance doesn't start in the bed, it starts that morning and builds all day. While I didn't get the romantic dinner I wanted made, I did take her to dinner, and then we made our way to the bedroom where I paid a lot of attention to her before ever starting anything sexual. I do mean A LOT!

We kissed, a lot! I caressed her entire body.  I kissed her neck, her lips, and then after I felt like she was in a good place, I kissed my way down to her other lips and spent plenty of time making sure she was in a great place mentally and physically before  I crawled between her legs.  

My reward?  I had forgotten just how wet she could get when I do my job right.  I could tell immediately that she was soaked and it didn't take her long for the rolling orgasms to start hitting her.  The bed afterwards confirmed my thoughts as the wet spot she left was huge and well deserved.  I think most guys take that as confirmation we did something right, I know I do when I see a spot like that on the bed when we're done.

Even as knowledgeable on sex, kinks and so many sexual things, we get into ruts of doing the same old thing and true romance falls to the wayside sometimes.  We have fun, but the relationship does better when we have some romance in there too.  

So that's how we kicked off Sexuary 2024, romantically, and a great kick off it was. 

So you might have drooled over the picture at the top of the page, this month we are going to try some serious Dom/sub weeks.  Both of us will be Dom and both of us will be sub over the month.  It will push both of us to our limits on both sides of the D/s weeks.  

For those that don't know I'm a Dom primarily, but am a switch, and to the right person, can and do submit.  Jackie is primarily a sub, but knows how at times I just need to be taken down a notch and be a sub, and she does a great job of it, but that's normally a night, not a week.  But we've both been doing our homework and I'm excited for both weeks.  

In the meantime, like I said, IT'S SEXUARY!!! It's time to do something with your partner you normally wouldn't.  Try something new!  Be more receptive to an idea that has been tickling you or your partners mind.  Do something this Sexuary you have never done with your partner!!! That's what Sexuary is all about, so do it!


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