Monday, February 5, 2024

Sexuary 2024 - Needle Play


One of the bitter things about Sexuary every year, is the 4th.  It's the anniversary of Jackie's mom passing.  It's never a great mental day, though it is much better than it use to be.  Most year I've done something painful for Jackie on this day to help relieve the pain some. 

So this year I decided to do a tribute of sorts to her mom, who passed away indirectly from breast cancer.  

So I let Jackie know I had planned on some needle play.  She went and prepared herself and then I brought her in.  I had setup the massage table, covered it with a blanket, put 30  - 25ga needles in a bowl (popped them out of the package but that's all), turned on the serene music and then brought her in.  After she was up on the table, I covered her with a 2nd blanket I had set aside. 

I cleaned her back with alcohol, and then started with my design. 

I pulled out about 20 more needles when I'd used up what I had, and continued on. Then a few more, and a few more till I was done. 

I did my usual, I took a few pictures, then I press on her back over the needles, and so forth.  I then showed her one of the pictures.  Jackie immediately started crying.  I let her.  She needed this release, and the pain alone with the acknowledgement of what day it was, was enough to let her truly release her hurt for the moment. 

This picture is after I had pressed on her back and messed up a few, but you get the drift, it's the ribbon for breast cancer. 

I then let her lay there on the bed, as I quietly waited on the bed for her to be ready for me to pull the needles out. She let me know when she was ready and I one by one, removed each of the needles from her back leaving the holes that reminded us of each needle that had been in her back. 

I cleaned her back with more alcohol, then covered her with a weighted blanket.  When she's was ready, I got her up and cleaned up the materials, put the bed away, and cleaned up.

So while it wasn't the multiple orgasms of the day before, it was part of our sex life.  It's the intimacy Jackie needed today.  Sex isn't always in penetration, and just like romance starts in the morning, not in bed, today, for us, sex was about meeting my partners needs. 


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