Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Cupping

As part of the planning for this Sexuary, I ordered both glass cups for cupping and a plastic set with hand pump. Today was the day to break them out. Now before today I've watched several videos, but the best one I found was here.

I didn't let Jackie know what we were doing, I just had her lay on the massage table, face down. I had prepared the cups, and had a candle lit with my firewand soaking in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Every place I went  91% is recommended over the standard 70%.  I was able to find it at Walmart. So everything was ready.

The first couple I attempted stuck ok, but weren't the best. I wasn't quick enough from the flame to the skin, but they all did stick and they all did draw in skin. 

I then used a couple of the hand pump cups on her legs. I had a few issues till I realized the center piece had to be pulled up sometimes prior to using the pump.  I also had to play with the amount of pumps to use.  I started with 4, WAY to many. 2 seemed to be the magic number. Tight enough to do the work, soft enough to be able to get them off.

This is just 1 more thing on our bucket list that we've had that we can now cross off. One of the great parts about this is we now everything we need to do this time and time again. The glass cups in particular are good for a long time if taken care of.

We're well along into Sexuary now. What do you have planned that is different then you usually do? What can you and your partner do that will enhance your sex life, or maybe it's just your relationship you need to enhance, but something like a massage, or cupping, or a huge hug can make a difference.


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