Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Fireplay

So one of the things I had planned for this month was a bit of fireplay.  We've seen it done many times, but had not ever tried it. So what better time to try it then during Sexuary.  No it's not an orgasmic thing, but it does feel great.

So I had ordered a pack of firewands (though you could use a cotton ball and a hemostat) and found some mousse that had alcohol in it (I know so little about mouse, but I figured out some don't have it). Really that's all you need.

Well just like the needles, I wanted to practice myself prior to trying on Jackie.  So while Jackie has taken off I pulled everything out and tried it out. Other than the singed hairs on my leg (yeah, I really though that one through). It was a nice warm sensation as the whoosh ran across my leg.  I hit the mousse again with the firewand and off it went again and again.  I wiped the mousse off and did it again and again. It was pretty cool.

So it wasn't what was on the agenda for the night, Jackies adventures had brought her in late the night before when we were supposed to, so I decided to try it that night instead, as I knew she'd enjoy it. I cleared the linen off the massage table and put her on there then got the stuff out.

I drew my design on her back and whoosh the fire lit up.

I did several patterns and tried different ways of lighting the designs to see if I could get them to go longer.  We did down her legs and then her belly too before we were all done. Other than the fact I really needed a tripod to get all the videos I wanted it was pretty cool. Over all we spent about 45 minutes lighting fires and watching them go.  Another thing off our bucket list to learn.


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