Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sexuary 2020 - Roll Playing

One of the things Jackie and I aren't the best at is talking during sex. Occasionally there are some sounds, but we're really not much of talkers during sex. We have a friend how has bragged about her roll playing sexcapades, so I decided to throw that into this sexuary.

I got the room ready, had brought in everything needed to play doctor and told Jackie what to wear (a skirt and shirt with no panties or bra.

The annual exam included breast exam, reflex exam (using the wartenberg wheel of course), then of course the speculum went in and then I had to test her orgasmic reflexes using her vibrator. For the record she passed with flying colors. I then used a soft sound and got it about 3" in and then decided to use a steel sound.  Yeah that didn't work so well for Jackie. But hey we learned. I then did a little fisting on her using gloves (no better than without gloves). We ended up by the doctor taking advantage of his already orgasmic patient, bending her over the exam table, lifting her skirt and taking advantage of her. 

We had to communicate during the 'exam' portion, still not great during the sex part, but hey it was definitely something different for us.

We tried 2 new thing with the roll playing and the sounds on her. I know the sound wasn't a big thing for her, and maybe another time we'll try it.  The roll play was a bit awkward, but I think if we did it a couple more times it could get better. I told her I have it scheduled 1 more time this month with a different scenario, so we'll see.


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