Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sexuary 2019 - Five Minute Quickies

So one of the things we've tried this Sexuary is some quickies...setting a timer for 5 minutes and playing.  Could be a 5 minute blowjob.  Could be a 5 minute pussy licking.  Could be 5 minutes bent over the bed and a good fuck.  Timer goes off and play ends .....for the moment. Often it's foreplay.  Sometimes it's just stand alone sex.

Let's face it sometimes a full fledged playtime just isn't going to happen.  But the connections that were made with the 5 minute quickies fill a gap that happen between life and sex.

Even with a house full of people, a 5 minute quickie is doable.  Even with kids screaming your name you can squeeze in a 5 minute quickie. Right? I know we've literally been in the middle as we hear a 2 year old calling our names and ignore them for the rest of the 2 minutes to finish up our 5.  They survived and I was able to make Jackie cum before we answered the beckoning call of the warbling 2 year old.

Sex doesn't have to always be planned, foreplay and full blow sex to be satisfying.  A 5 minute quickie fills in the gaps and can be quite satisfying. Give it a try!


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