Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Romantic Day 4 - Sensations


On the 4th week or I started out by sending Jackie to get her nails and feet done.  This is a treat for Jackie that I know she loves and makes her feel special.  It's not an 'us' thing, but it's a treat for Jackie and makes her know I was thinking of her.  

Afterwards we did our annual sensations play.  I cover her eyes and laid her back in bed and started.  I'd pulled out a dozen or so things we've collected over the years and had them handy. 

I start with a soft piece of cloth that we use as a seat cover for our rope play and run it down the length of her body.  It sends the goosebumps starting.  

I took a glass dildo that had been sitting in ice water and splashed it on Jackie. 

I run a wartenberg wheel over her, I'd purchased a new rubber glove that had 'tentacles' all over it.  I'm certain it had an odd feel as I ran it over her body. 

A rabbits fur we picked up at Tandy Leather for $5.  

Corn starch is extremely soft as you toss it on skin and slide your hands over it.  

Then came the wax.  The first drop did NOT go where I was wanting it.  I was aiming for around her nipple area and it dripped down the candle and hit her shoulder area.  This was an area with no corn starch, and just not where I was aiming.  We both took a deep breath and started over.  I generally hold the candle at shoulder height so that the wax has a bit of time to cool before it hits the skin. 

We also recently purchased a 3D printed plastic 'knife'.  It will not cut, but feels like it will.  It will also scrap the wax off of skin and bed sheets when you're done.  I used that to draw on Jackie's skin.  The knife cost us $10 at TKF, so I'm assuming you can find them for that or less if you look around. 

Soft, smooth, sharp, cold and hot are all sensations that can be used in sex, and on special occasions you can use them all at once to heighten the senses before playing further.  Hope this gives you some new ideas for fun in the bedroom that doesn't have to break the bank but is a lot of fun. 


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