Thursday, May 18, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Breast Art

Once again the plans for Monday just weren't going to happen, so I decided to switch Monday and Tuesday's schedule for tonight.  

One of the things I have tried to plan this Sexuary is art projects.  While I'm not creative at all, Jackie loves arts and crafts.  So I've tried to tie Sexuary to her craftiness.  This week I decided to make plaster of Jackie's breast for her to paint any way she'd like.  This was an idea I got from a breast cancer page 

On the day of this we put down the sheets we've used for the painting, and I slathered her up with Vasoline.  Then I started putting the strips of plaster on her.  The first one got all crinkled up and I had to pull it apart.  After that I got the hang and started putting the strips on, going multiple ways and spreading them out.  At one point, the entire plaster was starting to slide off of Jackie.  She had to hold it up while I finished it up. 

Now when we finished, there were some thin spots.  Jackie went back the next day and added a few more strips of plaster to firm it up and fill in the soft spots. Now I'm just waiting for Jackie to paint it.  I'll update it in here when she's done. 


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