Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Ass on Canvas

 Sexuary 2023

 Jackie is a creative person, it's something we've never tapped during Sexuary in the past.  This year I've decided to change that.  

 Today I had a meeting and after that came home and got some things quickly ready.  I'd already gotten the supplies, and had Jackie paint a canvas gray for me a couple of days ago.  When Jackie came in, I sent her the following link -Viral TikTokTutorial | B00ty Paint Challenge so that she could see what I had in mind.  

 I found some old sheets and put one set on the guest bed and another on the floor in the dining room.  I had the paints and brushes ready.  Jackie got on the floor and I painted her ass with hot pink paint.  I then painted a calve and the plan was for Jackie to flip over on the floor, me to slide the canvas underneath her.  Well her ass hit the sheet and part of the canvas, but definitely not what we were looking for.  After a little laughter, we decided on a plan B.  We put the canvas up against the wall, we had to prop it up just a little with some little boxes so that her ass would hit it at the right height.  I again painted her ass and calves, along with her thigh.  Jackie tried a couple of moves and then accidentally hit the canvas, so time to go.  As she leaned back into the canvas and made imprints of her cheeks and calve onto the canvas. When she came off I painted one of her feet and she planted that onto the canvas too.  

 Per the instructions she then touched up a bit and added the luster paint on top of the pink.  She didn't finish it but she got step 1 and 2 done and ready to finish up later.  She'll go back and re-gray some of the spots that accidentally go some extra pink from the first slip, and whatever else she wants to do to make it hers.  

 I'm just ready to put it up in our bedroom.  

 To her surprise, I took Jackie into the spare bedroom and we made out and played, all pink all over the place.  The sheets have her ass print pretty clear on them, my crotch and legs were covered in pink.  It was funny and hot all at once. 

  To my surprise clean up was actually pretty easy.  The acrylic paints just kind of pealed off for most of it and then easily came off with a loofah. I was figuring I'd have to scrub it that wasn't necessary.  

 Clean up will be pulling the 2 sheets and throwing them away.  Again, they were old and if I hadn't had then I would of gotten a cheap set at Goodwill.  

    Jackie loves arts and crafts, I love her ass, it seemed like her ass on canvas was a perfect sexy solution to combine the two, and in the end, we'll have a piece of art for the wall that I will always get to smile at knowing it's really the imprint of Jackie's ass. 



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