Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Dice Play

 So Jackie's day and she choose to play our dice game.  Over the years several of our dice have gotten unreadable (that happens when lubricant gets on them), and we only had a few left. *mental note order more sets, they are cheap on wish and the like*  In our game we add a regular die that we roll with so that we know how many minutes we are going to do what ever to where ever for.  

In her version, since it was 'my day' I only rolled the action die, and she rolled the action and location die.  I got to choose the location on whatever I rolled.  She would have to take whatever location she rolled.  

I definitely interpreted a kiss to be a french kiss on my cock. Sounded far to me. 

She got neck twice.  Once I choked her some the other time I rubbed her neck. 

We played with the dice for about 30 minutes as a warm up for even more fun. 

Now we've played this game for halftime of a football game, or to break the ice, or just to get things warmed up.  It's a simple, fun game that can have a lot of fun, especially if the dice are with you and get get those good rolls.  


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