Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Choking

Over the last year or so Jackie and I have delved into choking and breath play as part of our sex life. It's different for us, and the rush to Jackie's brain when the blood and air start to flow puts her into a very special place we can't achieve otherwise. 

Mind you we are careful, I'm always counting and knowing where she is, and while we've pushed her, shes never blacked out while playing.  
In the past though she would panic at times, making it more difficult especially when we were doing breath play.  So tonight I calmly told Jackie I wanted her to focus on staying calm...fade if she could... but not to panic.  

There are times I hold her jugglers and count, and then when I release after about a 30 count, the blood will rush back into her head.  Normally there is no panicking when I do that. It's when I hold her nose closed with one hand and cover her mouth with the other that she sometimes panic.  But I asked her to just hang with me.  If she had to tap my hand.  If I was very close to where I wanted to be I would count out loud for her so she knew there would only be a could of seconds left. 
In the past we've worked up to a count of about 45, but I knew if I could keep Jackie calm she'd go much longer.  The longer the hold, the bigger the rush afterwards.  The first time after talking and calming her we made it to 60 seconds without any problems.  On the second attempt at about 54 seconds she tapped my hand and I counted out 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then let her breath and she held with me.  The third and final time I could tell about the same place she was about to panic but she held it to the full 60 count.  
After each time I whispered words of affirmation on how well she was doing. She was into such a space we had to pause for a few minutes to let her come back to earth before moving on.  
It's different.  It's not for everyone, but it is something we enjoy, and the thought of Jackie just fading out for a minute is extremely exciting for me personally.  


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