Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Futo and Nipple Play


For those of you who read the blog regularly, you know I had Jackie's nipples pierced for her in Sexuary 2021.  It was something she had wanted, and we went to a trusted piercer that we have known for years and has even taught us a lot about needle play too.  

One thing about new nipple piercings is that it takes a good 6+ months to totally heal.  It's weeks before they quick hurting, and months and months before they are truly healed to the point you can safely pull on them more than just a little.  

So before Sexuary, I spoke with Jackie about pushing her nipple limits and if you will nipple torture for a new pain center.  She said that would be fine, so I planned it. 

First I ordered some rings for Jackie's nipples.  Normally she wears bars and that's fine, but I felt for what I wanted rings would work best. 

This morning I gave them to her and had her put them in.  I put her on the cross and tied a rope through each of the nipple hoops.  I then pulled, twisted and spanked her nipples.  I flogged her breast, I used a riding crop on her breast, all while blind folded and her strapped to the St. Andrews cross.  She was so excited she creamed on me twice when I bent her over and started in on her.  

Our plans for tonight canceled, and so I told her she had plenty of time, and she went and took a long bath reading a good book.  When she was done, I started tying up her legs, both of them, tight!  With both legs fully tied up I took advantage of her until her one leg that she's had issues with started to bother her.  We continued on until the 2nd leg gave her issues.  At this time I untied her 2nd leg and we laid on the bed.  

When we were laying on the bed, Jackie asked me to put the rope back through the rings so I could again give her pleasure with the nipple rings.  

I again started pulling on her nipple rings.  I pulled up, I pulled down, I slowly pulled one at a time and I would pull both.  I never yanked, but I would pull hard and hold it for a good length of time until her breathing would change or something like that would happen.  I fingered her twice to major orgasms.

When she was done, I finished on her breast, I felt like they deserved the spoils of the win tonight.  This is NOT something I do very often, but today it seemed very fitting.  

She is tender but not really hurting. She enjoyed the pain and liked the pulling hard on her nipples today.  It's something else we'll add to our bag of fun. 


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