Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Choking again

So during TKF we learned a way to choke that will within about 5 -10 seconds send a person out cold.  It's a bit scary, especially at first, but it's been added to our toolbox of things to try.

I spoke with Jackie before we started.  It was her call, but I wanted to continue to push her.  I really wanted to make her black out, and I wanted to work on her breath play too.  

Normally I lay beside Jackie when we do choking/breath play, but tonight I sat behind Jackie in the bed.  She wanted to make sure if she blacked out, that I would be able to hold her up.  

We started with breath play.  This month we've been working on Jackie controlling her reaction when she gets to the end of her limit.  In the past she would swat at me and try to pull my hand off, or something of the sort.  Now she can tap my hand or let me know.  If I'm close to my count I'll start to softly count out loud so Jackie knows how much longer we have and she'll hold tight and let me finish.  We're up over a minute. 

Now what does Jackie get out of this?  She gets a head rush that is incredible.  She goes to a space that is very peaceful and comforting.  

After playing 3 times with breath play, Jackie decided to allow me to black her out one time.  So I did.  She slowly came back too, and again she was in a very peaceful place.  

When we were done we laid there for a long time as Jackie drifted in and out of subspace. 

May you find the way to get in and out of subspace, it's a great place and only those willing to live on the edge will find that kind of space. 


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