Thursday, May 18, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Romance

 So while this was supposed to be on Monday, in keeping with my calendar, it just couldn't happen.  Work, not feeling great, and not able to get things setup just made it where I had to swap days.  But that didn't help on Tuesday.  Things were still hectic, so I had to modify the plans again. 

Instead of making dinner I wound up taking Jackie out to dinner to some place that is around us but we'd never been to.  It was relatively early, so there were just a few of us in the restaurant. It was nice and we were able to talk and enjoy dinner, except for a CEO calling me because they'd lost their phone. I was able to push it off to a co-worker, and get back to Jackie.  

When we came back we took things slowly, lots of kissing and taking things slowly. Real slowly.  

We've gotten into some ruts, and one of them is hoping right into things and not take time with sex.  While we do often go out, even there we get into ruts and go to the same 5 places over and over. We have to have special time, special places to make sure there are days that are special 

When was the last, non-occasion that you truly did something special for your significant other?  Took them some place special? It's one reason we have Sexuary to  remind us to do these things. 


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