Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Change of plans again

Once again the best laid plans of mice and men come to pass.  Recently we'd met a couple that we've really gotten to know and like.  We've even play around a bit, a bit more than teasing, but not near enough to satisfy any of us. So we were looking forward to playing with them this Sunday and satisfying some appetites that have grown since our last encounter.  

Sadly one of them got sick while traveling and we couldn't get together.  Another plan by the wayside. 

So I break out the floggers and put Jackie up against the St. Andrew's Cross.  Little did I know that something that day had triggered Jackie and she needed a release, a release she gets sometimes through pain.  This day was one of those days.  

After a series of abnormally rigorous flogging for Jackie, she was able to release, the release she was looking for.  

It's interesting to me that even though I didn't realize she needed such a release, I chose one of the best ways to give that to her this night as an alternative to what was planned.  Instinct? Reading body signs and just not realizing it?  I just know that today I was able to give Jackie what she needed when she needed it, and why? Because we stepped out of the ordinary to the extraordinary with our sex life, with trusting each other and because we make each other our priorities.  

What have you done in your relationship to make your partner your priority, to try something different, so push your boundaries? 


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