Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Sex Art

In keeping with the arts and crafts Tuesday, I read about an idea of putting paint onto a canvas and then having sex on that canvas. The end result is sex art. So here are a couple of recommendations. 

1) I wish we'd gotten a cheap shower curtain for our art projects, but I put 2 sheets down and 2 blankets.  The paint wound up going through 2 sheets and onto the 1st blanket.  A shower curtain would of prevented that. So get a $3 shower curtain for the dollar store. You can tape the canvas to your shower curtain, but know it's probably not going to stay.  Also I recommend you doing this on a floor, and not in a bed so that the paints will smear better (that's why I had the blankets underneath for just a small bit of cushion.)

2) I got 2 yards of muslin, 36" wide.  I think that was more than enough, but you can make it as big or as small as you want.

3) I recommend you pour the paints on the canvas first and not on you.  I think they mix better and actually adhere to the fabric better. 

4) Don't smear it with your hand.  The paints will mix, just give them time and have more fun.  

So Jackie took about 8 colors from her 24 pack of paint and pinwheeled the colors on the canvas.  I did have her add a bit more paint in a few places I thought might be a bit thin.  

Then comes the fun part. Someone has to just dive in and get all into the paint and drag the other person into it.  I was the one that took that dive.  We did really have sex while making the painting but before either of us were finished decided to go clean up and then continue on.  I did have a path to the bathroom ready with towels, and I even had the spare bed made up with the sheets we used after Jackie's ass painting, but my unusually black cock wasn't as appealing as it might sound. So we hopped in the shower and scrubbed each other off before continuing the nights activities.

We let the paint dry for 24 hours before I moved the canvas.  I'm sure that was over kill, but we wanted to make sure it wouldn't make a mess anywhere else.

I have 2 options for framing that we are going to try.  I'm going to get an large embroider ring for a circular mount, and if that doesn't give us the effect we want, I've got a 24"x24" canvas that I'm going to staple gun it to.  When we get the final product, I'll post it here. 



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