Sunday, May 21, 2023

Sexuary 2023 - Romance Part 3


So in case you've missed it, on Mondays I've tried my best to be a bit more romantic.  Not so much kink, but over an above with loving gestures to show Jackie how much I appreciate her and love her even after over 18 years together.  

I was working closing up TKF and was going to be home much later than I originally thought I would.  But I had a plan and was going to keep it up.  

I ran to the store before she got off of work and got some flowers and was looking for a piece of chocolate cake when I ran into some chocolate dipped strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and brought them back to Jackie.  I took Jackie out for a nice steak dinner and then we came back.  

When we went to the bedroom, I rubbed Jackie's feet with lotion and then started on her back before we went any further.  

Afterwards we tried a different position that led to even more different fun and before you knew it we were laying in each others arms, all content and very close.  While we enjoy kink and kinky things, the romance of each others touch is just as exciting and satisfying as all the extra stuff we try so often.  

Don't forget the romance in your relationship, and this year for Sexuary 2023, I have made it a priority to bring it back for Jackie and I. 


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