Friday, February 27, 2015

Sexuary 2015 - Dildos

Ok, so the buttons are to much for you to handle, or maybe you are tired of having to steal the kids game controller batteries, then a dildo is what you need.  So for clarification I'll define a dildo as an adult toy that doesn't us a battery and is generally used for inserting inside of someone.

So in the adult toy world we seem to have vibrators and dildos for the most part (yes, I know there is all the other fun, kinky stuff like ropes and chains, and paddles and whips) but for now we'll talk about why 1 over the other and why your dildo can be your friend.

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes.  From the that's nice to the OMG you're not getting near me with that thing sizes.  They are most often made with a slightly spongee, rubbery outer coating for a more realistic feeling most of the harder vibrators.  These coatings are often times the difference in cost between 1 dildo and another.  Additionally, many of the dildos have a harder inner core to help with inserting them inside.  If they don't it can be difficult to get them inserted where you want to go.  Some dildos will come with suction cups to stick to a wall, bathtub, or any other place you'd like to explore nirvana from.

Dildos are a preference thing though.  Each person has a preference and that's the right one for you. Big or small, fat or skinny are all what you like.  There are ridges on some, nodules on others, but those are all personal preferences.  How wide should you get it?  Maybe use the finger rule.  How many fingers do you use when fingering your vagina or ass when you're playing?  Use that as a width for the width of your new dildo.  As for length?  My rule of thumb is you can always short stroke a long dildo, but if it's to short...well your orgasm could come up short too.  There is of course the let's be real about it too rule.

Oh and let's not forget the double headed dildo. These are generally 12"+ long and very flexible. You can share the dildo with a partner or bend it in half and use both ends at once.

If you like dildos but might want an occasional vibration, some of the dildos have a place to put a bullet vibrator in them for a little kick.

Some of the reasons you might like to use a dildo over a vibrator?  Noise is one big reason.  If you don't want others to hear you playing a dildo could be a better option.  What if you wanted to use something on both your vagina and clit or ass at the same time?  It could be better to make 1 a dildo as having 2 vibrators hitting together sometimes causes a racket and could pinch you.  Making 1  a dildo would prevent that.

Make sure you keep your dildos clean and just remember anything a penis can do, yeap that's exactly what a dildo can do. 

Hope your Sexuary has been good and you've had fun breaking out those toys. 

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