Monday, February 2, 2015

Sexuary 2015 - Vibrators Part 2

So hopefully you're on track with your Sexuary goals.  If not, that's OK, just adjust and move forward.  Sexuary isn't about a day for a reason.  It's about a month that you dedicate to making this month better between you and your partner sexually.  Hopefully some of the information here will help you achieve those goals.

So where were we?  Oh yeah we were talking about vibrators.  If you missed part 1 of the series head back here.   
Vibrating Bullet
So let's start out talking about vibrating bullets.  These little vibrators are normally about the size of your finger around and about 2 knuckles long, and pack a huge punch. It seems most of them only take 2 or 3 watch batteries but damn the punch they can pack could set up a good nights play. 

These are really for the clit or nipples, or where ever you want to run them over, but are not so good for inserting them inside of someone.  So what else are they good for?  Well for starters you can just drop one in your pocket or purse and take one with you where ever you'd like.  It's really is that small.  So then what if you were at the store and your partner .....well I'm going to let your imagination run a bit here, but these things are small enough to hide and take with you.  They are very easy to clean, and many of these are waterproof too. Best of all they are very inexpensive.  Amazon sells a 3 pack here for $10.  We've picked them up at stores for $5 - $15 and they are great.  When the batteries run out you can either get a new one or a package of watch batteries cheap.  Definitely something you should have in your collection.

Vibrating Egg
Eggs run along the same line as the bullets except they are egg shaped and most of them we've seen have a cord attached with some sort of controller.  They are a little bigger and because of the battery compartment can pack a bigger punch.  Note the can.  Not all eggs are created equal has been our experience. 
TIP -  When checking out any vibrator don't just hold it in your hand, but put it up to your nose.  Your nose is much more sensitive and while it's not a clit, it's better than your finger tips

So these eggs are still pretty easy to clean but unlike the bullet you can easily insert them and retrieve them because of the cords attached. I will say we have several that have different style controllers and the only thing we've found is that some of them light up and even change colors while they are running.  Now while a bit of light is good, sometimes the lights from these can get distracting for us.  That's our personal take, but maybe you like bright lights flashing at you while playing with yours.

Again, these vibrators are cheap, many under $10, and most under $20.  Though some of the variations like wireless remotes and such does bring the prices up.  So we have a couple of these wireless eggs.  We'll play a game like every time a certain word is said the egg gets turned on, or just because we want.  Nothing like trying to place your order at a restaurant and trying to keep you composer when that little buzz starts inside of you. Oh and that game can be played by anyone as these eggs can be inserted both vaginally and anally.  But our best story was when Jackie and I were playing that game and our son saw the remote and picked it up to play with it for a minute.  I just pretended nothing was going on while Jackie took the remote back away.

Hitachi with 2 attachments
Last vibrators I'm going to talk about fall into the OMG category.   The Hitachi is probably the standard that all others try to meet up with.  We have a 3 BodyWands which we love to death and are definitely the 'go to' vibrators.  But these vibrators are made for one thing, and that's to cause orgasms in women!!! They can make a women cum in a remarkable time.  As Jackie says it can go from cold to OMG orgasm in 6 seconds flat. We have both the cordless and corded versions, and will say there is nothing more disappointing than having the charge die in the middle of a session.  So we prefer the corded version, and have an extension cord on it so that it can reach where ever we want it to.

The Hitachi has several attachments that add to it's pleasure regions it can reach.  If you are looking for one of these you might look into whether or not you can get attachments for it. This is another toy that when it came out they were very expensive and lots of milk and bread money was saved so women could get theirs.  But today the pricing has dropped significantly and are more in the $50 - $75 range. 

I will caution though that the full power on these are so incredible that it can get over intense and if you're in control on someone else you might need to let off some or not go full speed ahead right away.

So here's the basics on vibrators.  There are all kinds of varieties like remote controls that work through the internet if you have a long distance relationship you can still play and the one can still control some of the action.  We like the wireless remotes for games outside of the bedroom that lead to bedroom fun later.  There are so many different materials and they are constantly coming up with a new one.

So let's go have some fun.  Let's make this Sexuary the one that brings toys to the bed for some amazing time together.  Take a bullet and run it over your partners entire body before as foreplay.  Take an egg and place it in him as you give him a blow job.  Use the Hitachi and make her go over the moon over and over again and then when you are ready those vibrations will still be running through her body while you enter her.  Think you won't benefit there?

What's your favorite toy?  How do you use it different than 'the norm'? 

Have a GREAT Sexuary day!


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