Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sweet Spot Nation - Burlesque

You ever get one of those Groupons and go 'damn, I wanna do that'?  I did when it was advertising the The Sweet Spot Nation's (their facebook page is here) visit to Austin.  I WANTED TO GO!  So we looked on our calendars and low and behold the date was book. DAMN, MaryKay party scheduled for Jackie and her friends.  After talking to the host of the party, she moved it just so we could all go (in total we wound up with 3 couples going) to a night of great sexual entertainment.  I got the tickets ordered and anticipation set in, I was going to go to a burlesque show.

Now we weren't exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into, but that's half the fun isn't it?  A group of friends, crossing over into that taboo area of sexuality for the night, how could you go wrong?  The Sweet Spot Nation has everything from comedians, dancers, sex advice, poetry, and fun and games for everyone.   This high energy show was a great release for Jackie and I.  For hours Jackie and I were entertained.  They kept us sexually aroused and laughing our asses off as each member of the troupe performed their part of the show.  A nationally acclaimed burlesque dancer in all her perkiness, poetry so erotic I could feel and hear Jackie moan, readings from erotic passages, and even vibrator advice from their resident sex advisor, Dr. Nikeema Lee, something Jackie and I love to encourage, were all part of our nights entertainment.  The best part is in 3 months they'll be back, and we can't wait.

Now have to admit the highlight of the night for us was when the 2 guys that were with us were called up on stage for an 'stroking' competition.  Air fucking at it's finest left us wooing and cheering for our 2 friends.  We were talking about it all the way home.  

If you're open to new adventures, that cross the line just a bit....or maybe even a bit more, then see if they are coming to your town.  Afterwards you can whisper all the things that turned you on in the nights events as you make love to each other.  And if you didn't find anything hot, I would certainly get in to see your doctor, because something just isn't right!



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  1. So Jackie and I went back for the December show in Austin. What a great night we all had. There isn't a better adult humor, dancing, audience participation, and just all round great time then this group. If you get a chance to see them do yourself a favor and go!