Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - St Andrews Cross - Electricity and the Wartenberg Wheel

Well today was a 'regular' for us.  It starts with me putting Jackie on the St Andrews Cross and then slowly torturing her with both our electric pen and our wartenberg wheels.  So after making out for a few minutes I walk Jackie back to our room and put her up on the cross.  We've modified our cross to have some cuffs to hold her wrist up high, so I strapped her in.  She's got hand holds and we've put cushion on where her chin sits in the crux of the X.   

So all comfortable, I start with the pen on Jackie.  I run it up and down her spine, and over her thighs and spine.  Some points make her moan...some just get her ready....but she reacts as I would expect to the electric pen.  (These can be gotten at or for less than $20.  They run on a AA battery, and come with several attachments.  

After that I pulled out the wartenberg wheel and start running it down her back.  I switch between fast and slow....just barely any pressure to pushing down pretty good, making sure she feels it.  Again she moans and moves around on her feet, I know I'm starting to get somewhere.

Then I lube up and enter her from behind...all stretched out on the cross, lifting her with every stroke.  

That's when the first event happened.  Somehow Jackie smacked her chin on the cross and took her breath away for a few seconds.  It definitely stopped play and we moved into the bed where we finished up.  

Now is the next event, and this one got a chuckle.  So we're finished and I realized that the cock ring I wear around the head of my cock is missing.  "Have you seen it?" I asked Jackie...."Nope." I back track and it's not anywhere to be seen.  So Jackie gets on the bed where I reach in and retrieve it. Oops! 😁 It's the first time that's happened. On a side note, when I started wearing the metal cock ring, I asked Jackie if she could tell.  "Not really".  Last night she took that back, she feels it vibrating inside of her when she's using her vibrator on her clit.  So yes, it does make some difference.

Then when discussing Jackie mentioned that she never realized the difference between the violet wand and the pen.  So next time she's on the cross and we're using electricity, she wants the bigger zap.  Oh I'm very sure I can accommodate that!!!

So even the 'ordinary' things can go off course and when you break out the un-ordinary, sometimes you come up with new ideas for another day. 



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