Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Picture day


Let's face it, men are visual creatures.  We LOVE our women and we love seeing our women in various poses and when they go all out, wow, just wow. It's why Glamour Shots has done such a great business over the years. So today's draw was inspired by a couple of our friends. One takes some fantastically hot pictures and post them on Facebook.  The ones she'll send to Jackie to share with me are even hotter. FUCK they are hot.  So I was telling a friend how I wish Jackie would send me more pictures just here and there, randomly, just to tease me here and there. I love when she does that, and will continue to go back to that pictures for weeks sometimes. I save every one she sends me. This friend is starting her photography business in south Houston and wanted to do a day shoot with Jackie. Well that's a date we couldn't turn down. So after the 130+ pictures came out we knew this was going to be something we'd do again.  

So I drew 'Picture night…..dress up and pictures…maybe some play in between changes … lots of pictures with toys involved." I was SUPER excited!!! So I let Jackie know at lunch when we got home the she was going to get her picture taken when we got home.  

We started on her motorcycle out in the front yard, to include the boob shot while on her Harley.  We moved indoors and the attire got sexier. Wow, Jackie was looking good!.. Pictures started fully clothed, and ended up with my cock in her mouth and the camera still going.  Whew...ok, change of clothes and more pictures...then a couple of positions...a few cloths fall off...more cock sucking...lots more pictures...another change of cloths...more positions...me climbing on the bed to attach my hot wife...more pictures...fewer cloths...another change of cloths...move to the guest room..more cock sucking ...more pictures...and finally I couldn't take it anymore and after over 330 pictures I finished with a shot of my own.  WHEW...what a freaking hot session.  

I took pictures of Jackie up close, far away, very intimate, me in her mouth, and inside of her.  There was even a couple of selfies of the two of us when we were done.  Whew.  I have to say, it was extremely exciting.  It was exciting talking pictures of Jackie as she was having an orgasm, and catching that in pictures. It's even more exciting to know I have all these pictures to go through. I'm certain that I'll touch up a couple dozen of them to share, but I'll have all 330+ forever of my hot wife.

Your partner should always know you think they are hot!! One great way to do it is to take pictures of them ...and who knows where that might lead to...I know where it led to with Jackie and myself. It was one hot day in the bedroom. 


PS - Maybe later this month I'll add a couple of the photos..so peek back in if you're interested.

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