Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Teddy, Hair Pulling and Heavy Petting

Ok, I'm a nudist. I love to be naked and I love seeing Jackie naked too, but sometimes, a little sexy something to wear is just freaking hot.  So tonight I asked Jackie to put on something sexy for me, and she didn't disappoint me. She was hot in her blue number that she wore for me.

Now Jackie over the years has had both very short hair and longer hair, but she has the longest hair she had since we've been together.  There is something about pulling on her hair while we're kissing, or while she's bent over the bed that will keep me hard all night. Jackies moans and reactions always lead to harder pushing from me. 

So between the heavy petting and the hair pulling we had a good night.  You know most of us how dated and grew into the relationship had periods where heavy petting left us well ready (and maybe a bit frustrated).  But it's still a very effective way to raise the libido a couple of notches...but we either forget that or we just move onto other things as we get more comfortable with each other sexually.  One of the lessons we repeated learn in Sexuary is that a lot of the things we've done are great things, we just forget about them and need to bring them back into our sex lives.  Petting is one of those things. 

So another day of Sexuary is in the books, and more orgasms are in the books with them. Till tomorrow!


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