Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Sexuary 2021 - Just-A-Swinging

So if you remember last year we purchased a swing for Jackie to suspend in for playtime in our dungeon.  Well with her back issues this year we hadn't gotten to use it, but her back was ok for tonight, so we gave it a whirl. 
So since last year we've adjusted the swing so when she's in it she's the perfect height for me to get in.  We've also added a head/neck piece to support her head some.  Last night I adjusted her leg braces up some, to spread her a bit more.  We also brought in a small ladder so she could get up in the swing easier and more comfortably.

We have it hung on the same rack we use for rope suspension.  This was just something I made from pipe from Lowes.  4 pipes 7 1/2' long, then 3 pipes I cut into 5' sections for the top (and one down the center).  Pretty simple to build and only took about 20 minutes to setup. With 2 people it could go even faster.

So I put Jackie up on the swing then I sat on the ladder and gave her a good licking before she wanted more of me.  I was able to just stand right up and slide right into her.  By pushing her back just a bit, it made it easy to bounce her as I plunged in and out.  

One of the things I love about this setup is that it's good for up to 600 lbs.  We're no where close, but I like that it's way over kill and safe for Jackie while she's on there. The last thing we want to do is cause more injures. 

It's also very easy to on the guy while she's on the swing if you've got the height adjusted. That did take a couple of times before we got that right. 

So this one had some forethought to it, but since we have all the equipment (and the rack is already up in the bedroom), it's a fun change to leaning over or climbing in the bed for sex.  Give it a try.  

Go make your Sexuary something special.  Plan something outside your box and surprise your partner for Sexuary 2021!




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