Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Making Out

"Wanna go make out with me?" closes and I'm on my way.

When did I forget that making out can be so much fun?  And why did we ever stop making out?  I know we use to make out some when I'd drop her off at home.  Even when we'd go out on dates, we'd make out.  But somewhere along the way we stopped.  WHY?

Jackie, as part of our Sexuary 2017 and our daily touching, grabbing, sensations without expecting sex afterwards, actually we've forbidden it to be right with the sensation, she dragged me off for 15 minutes of making out.  WOW!!! Did I mention WOW?  Between the kissing, the hands just the general mood it was freaking hot.

Now don't get me wrong, we're rarely a quickie, wham bam type sex.  There's foreplay, playing, getting serious, and making sure everyone is very satisfied regardless of what the play is tonight.  But it's just not the same as just making out.  Tongues clashing, hands grabbing, bodies rubbing all making things hot and steamy.

Our Sexuary is starting out great.  I'm looking forward to more make out sessions, even after Sexuary, and knowing my woman can so turn me on with her look, her lips, and her sexiness. How about taking your significant and make out with them tonight?  Yeap, surprise them, you never know where it might lead.


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