Monday, February 13, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - 50 Shades Darker

*Clearing throat out* Yes, that was a good movie.  Yes being one of maybe 3 men in a theater full of women who all, on several occasions, took a deep sigh in anticipation of the scene about to happen is quite....erotic. So I'm not sure why men wouldn't want to take their wife to see a movie like this.  Hell it wasn't that long ago this would of been considered a firm X-rated movie.  But seriously Jackie was cuddled tight during most of the movie and I loved that.  I think she'd of been in my lap if the seats were just a bit bigger. 

So first of all, they did a good job on the movie.  And if you read the books like Jackie and I did, you'll appreciate that they kept good with the books for the most part. Well done. And hot.  And sexy.  And  hot....did I mention hot?

So while we had to take a couple of days off of our sexcapeds for a small medical procedure, the post movie sex was extremely intense, and I'm certain I can thank Mr Christian Grey for that.  I'm also pretty sure that we'll be looking for a spreader bar in the near future to add to our collection of toys.  Oh my!!!

What to treat your significant other to a good time and set up a potential great night of sex?  Go see 50 Shades Darker!  Oh and guys, if you really want to hit it off you might want to review the Sexuary 2016 post on BenWa balls....and dinner with a little wine wouldn't hurt either.


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