Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sexuary 2017 - Last Weekend

 So this month of Sexuary is quickly coming to an end.  It's the last full weekend and then just 2 more days and this month is done.  While Jackie and I have had fun with some of our favorites, we've also explored some things we don't normally do.  The sofa was cleared off to sit on together instead of in our lazy-boys.  We've made out like a couple of teenagers several times (why haven't we always been doing that?).  We found some new positions that we've never enjoyed before and at least 1 of them will remain big time on our list of positions. 

Ok, so where am I going with all this?  Well Sexuary is about getting out of your comfort zone or doing something you wouldn't do or haven't been doing normally.  For Jackie and I we've done a lot of touchy feely stuff and that just made the sex part better.  And the sex has been better oh my! And if you haven't done anything yet this month you still have time!  There is still a few days.  Don't let this year be another year that you that you regret doing nothing, or tell yourself, "next year".  This year is still here and Sexuary 2017 is still here, so make it count. 

And if you want to share what you did to make it special, just put it in the comments below.


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